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Jan 9, 2012
Anyone want to volunteer to do an SG-style showlist for this?

Here's some help.

Open: Mica Arganaraz
Close: Natasha Poly

The rest, in no particular order:
Ondria Hardin
Yana Van Ginneken *
Zlata Semenko
Fei Fei Sun
Aneta Pajak
Grace Hartzel
Hanne Gaby Odiele
Angel Rutledge *
Harleth Kuusik
Alix Angjeli
Julia Nobis
Katlin Aas
Daria Strokous
Anna Ewers
Taylor Marie Hill
Julia van Os *
Sophia Ahrens *
Leila Nda
Kate Grigorieva *
Aya Jones
Hollie May Saker
Alexandra Elizabeth
Jamie Bochert
Ine Neefs
Lindsey Wixson
Josephine Le Tutour
Irina Liss
Yumi Lambert
Vanessa Moody
Julia Bergshoeff
Karlie Kloss
Laura Julie
Mina Cvetkovic
Sanne Vloet
Lexi Boling
Kremi Otashliyska
Maartje Verhoef
Tiana Tolstoi
Nastya Sten *
Stella Lucia
Valery Kaufman
Sasha Luss

* - maybe need their own SG threads... ;)
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I'm far too lazy to do this, sorry, but mad props to whoever does. Just to make a quick note, at least 4 of the asterisked girls already have individual SG model threads, so if anyone's planning on creating them one, make sure you do a quick sidebar search on them first. Sorry AB, that's absolutely not intended to be wanker-ish to you, you do far too much around this forum to keep tabs on exactly who already has their own thread, I'm just irritatingly pedantic :blahblah:
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Mica Arganaraz

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Vanessa Moody

Julia Nobis

Julia Bergshoeff

Anna Ewers

Natasha Poly

Karlie Kloss

Tiana Tolstoi

Zlata Semenko