Jamie Bochert


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May 11, 2012
One of my least favorite models. I just don't like her look. I originally thought she was a guy when I first saw her lol. I respect that she has been able to maintain a HF career this long with that horsey face of hers.

SHe got the Vogue Italia August 2012 cover (by Meisel):
Agreed, I don't really like her look either but I can see why she can maintain a HF career, her face is unique and makes you look twice.
She's particular and even if not my favourite one,I do love her in some pictures because I find her expressive and skinny!




She is actually quite mesmerising in motion - I hadn't realised before. She seems like such a laid back, fun girl!
She's got a Patti Smith vibe. They both have wickedly homely faces, but their bodies are fantastic. Freja reminds me of this type, but Freja really has a beautiful face. I think there's many people who would disagree though, so that's why she possible could fall in this category.
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She's by no stretch pretty but she's definitely unique looking. It would be a pretty boring world if all models looked the same. I kind of like her weird look.