Yumi Lambert


Super Star
May 11, 2012
She's signed to IMG.



Age: 16
Height: 178cm (5’10″)
Place of Origin: Brussels, Belgium
Ethnic Origin: Japanese-European
Birthsign: Aries

How discovered: Came spontaneously into Dominique Models agency

Favorite things: Pampering myself

Favorite music, band: Arcade Fire

Hobbies: Reading fashion magazines and discovering make up tendencies

Favorite piece of clothing: Shoes

What’s your idea of fun?
Spending quality time with my closest

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My first shoot in Venice

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
It’s quiet and beautiful

Place you would love to visit: New York

Currently you’re obsessed with/about: Discovering new places and cultures
Wow what an interesting ethnic beauty!
I find her eyes so mesmerizing, and she's so young.
Although she's pretty, I wish that her face was a little stronger, but I imagine that the baby cheeks might fade with age and that her bone structure will become more prominent.
shes divine. i just discovered her tonight and was going to start a thread but see i was pipped to the post ;) i predict great things for this one. those eyes!
She had an amazing season! I was a bit surprised, because I didn't think her look would be popular, but she was at a lot of big shows. Interested in seeing if her runway success translates to any campaigns.

SS13 TOTAL: 25


Emilio Pucci
Giorgio Armani

New York:
Kimberly Ovitz
Mara Hoffman
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Mathieu Mirano
Nicholas K (C)
Patrik Ervell
Rachel Zoe

Christian Dior
Gareth Pugh
John Galliano
Julien David
Miu Miu
Nina Ricci
Pedro Lourenço
Shiatzy Chen
Yohji Yamamoto
Zadig & Voltaire
Oh my gosh
She really has a fascinating unique look. looove
Shes gorgeous, I´m also sure her face will develop in an amazing way when she gets older, now she looks like a doll, so cute but with a hint of danger in those outstanding eyes! I like seeing European-Asian-Girls on the runways. I would never have thought this happens, but it makes me feel more confident. Her eyes are like the extreme version of mine, even greener and more Asian and they make her unique and even more pretty!

Thats what I love about the fashion industry, people go for unique beauty and not for plain ordinary beauty very much. I think it makes girls (I admit I was also one of them) who were bullied in school for exotic features or being tall or being thin or everything at once feel so much better. For me at least its like that since I look at more models and I am thankful for that. High Fashion is sublime and though it might be a cruel business sometimes, there are people who have real taste in there.

Sorry for the rant, this girl and her special beauty reminded me of that again :)
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Am I reading this incorrectly or does that say she has a 29.5 inch waist? :wtf:
Haha I read that too when I saw that photo and I highly doubt that its correct :wtf: