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Discussion in 'Models' started by Mary Lou, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    What do you think of Karlie Kloss new abs? She's always been very tall and slender, but now before Victorias Secret show, she's been working out a lot. Result is rather extreme. I like her, maybe better with less abs, but I know a lot of you are not into athletic look at all, while some work to get it. So - tell, tell! :roll eyes: :D
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  2. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    hmmm i wonder if those are her real abs or they were photoshopped?? but i prefer a flat stomach to muscles personally. although i really love karlie.
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  3. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    Well, if they photoshopped the video too it would seem like too big effort for me. The question is if used make-up (bronzer, highlighter, oil) to enhance the looks. I would guess that it's done in all nude and almost nude pictures in Vogue. But she seems pretty much naturally that way ;)
  4. StarvedFatass

    StarvedFatass Rookie

    Jan 19, 2012
    omg, karlie is amazing. her new look is almost unbelievable. not only it a dream to be as thin as her, but enhance this thinness with power.. bravo!
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  5. I totally agree with you!

    Karlie actually makes muscle and power look hot! It's amazing! She is proper thinspo!
  6. Fawn

    Fawn Guest

    I love the very slim, toned look, like you see in dancers or people who do lots of yoga. I'm drying for a tiny, toned body like that!
  7. Scarlet

    Scarlet Guest

    I love her look, and I´ve always wanted to look like that. Sooo envious...
    I´m always afraid that working out could make me look bulky or broad, but she is a good inspiration- she´s skinny AND muscular at the same time.
    Does anyone know what kind of sports makes you look like this?
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  8. I like it...she looks like a dancer, and that is my favorite look.
  9. astrid

    astrid Guest

    She's lucky with that toned, but not too much muscular body. Women often exaggerate with muscles, but she isn't. She looks great.
  10. Noodle12

    Noodle12 Rookie

    Jan 23, 2012
    I think she looks amazing. I'm going for a more muscluar physique, and I think she has done it just right.
  11. lyssa

    lyssa Guest

    karlie is one of my favorites! i love her body type, it's just the right amount of muscle. she is/used to be a dancer (ballet i think) so that's why she's so toned.
  12. dlsdls

    dlsdls Guest

    I don't know, I'm just not into the muscular look, even on a skinny girl like Karlie.

    What do you girls think about this photo? It's the one that everyone freaked out over and got taken down from the website. I really don't understand all of the controversy. OH NO, A MODEL TWISTED HER HIPS AND POSED FOR A PHOTO!!! WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD ARE GOING TO FEEL BAD ABOUT THEIR BODIES NOW!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! :hmm::supermad: Seriously, she's a model and a former ballerina. She can do things with her body that maybe you can't. Deal with it fat bitches.

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  13. The Bullcock

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    Jan 9, 2012
    I'm not a fan of the "strong/muscly" look either. And I don't like Karlie, really - but I'd never seen that picture before - I think that's the best one of the bunch!
  14. Lucie

    Lucie Rookie

    Jan 25, 2012
    I love the shoot, the video - she is definitely my thinspo at the moment, skin, muscle and bones :)
  15. zigzag

    zigzag Guest

    she has such a good body: long, lean and toned. you can tell that she works hard for it

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  16. Bracken

    Bracken Guest

    I know she got a personal trainer prior to the vs show. It's doesn't say who it is anywhere however most of the vs girls use Justin gelband so I would assume she does as well.
    Ive also heard her in interviews saying she rides her bike a lot.
    She also actually went to a fancy school for ballerinas before she was signed as a model.
  17. Sue00

    Sue00 Guest

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  18. malignant_dolly

    malignant_dolly Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    Karlie is my all time thinspiration. I instantly love her (think it's a little obvious...)!
    I dont understand the whole controversy about their photos in Vogue IT. I heard some pr0-ana site used Karlie's photos and that's why Vogue canceled (?) the session. Skinny is bad but if u want to show a whale to whole world- of course you can! -.-
  19. Melancholia

    Melancholia Rookie

    Jan 21, 2012
  20. smallbones

    smallbones Rookie

    Feb 9, 2012
    I prefer for my body to be smooth looking. I don't like the athletic look for myself, but on Karlie, it looks pretty good. It suits her figure well.

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