Moschino F/W 2020 Milan


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Jan 20, 2012
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@FashionThin are we doing showlist threads for this season? I’m totally up for it if the answer’s yes, but a few shows were cancelled due to Covid-19 if I’m not mistaken.
Everything Resort/Cruise was/is cancelled. A few designers are planning "digital" shows but those will be guaranteed cringefests IMO.

Things didn't really start getting cancelled until after A/W. The talk is that Men's and Women's might merge this fall, which I am totally against but unfortunately I am not in charge. Which reminds me I need to loosen up and post a personal update in the COVID thread bc this industry is dead right now.

But anyway you're always welcome to make showlist threads, none of the A/W 2020 shows got threads except this one. But I assume you're asking if there's a contest so maybe I will set up a contest for those and spend some more of @The Bullcock's money. :naughty:
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