Sara Grace Wallerstedt


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Apr 6, 2016
She is 17 years old. I think she's from the US but not sure.


Height - 5'9.5"
Bust - 31"
Hips - 34.5"

I think her face is cute and unique in an elf-ish way.

What do you guys think?
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I like her. Her ears, and that last photo, is really Lord of the Rings vibes! Is she a bit cross eyed? Also, if she lost a little from her face, I think her cheekbones would look gorgeous if they were more defined.
I love her face and hair, and her something about her gaze really looks alien (which is, at least to me, a good thing). She definitely has potential.

Also, if she lost a little from her face, I think her cheekbones would look gorgeous if they were more defined.

If she's only 17 and doesn't gain, her face will autmatically become more defined when she grows older.
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I really like her B&W photo in post #1 next to her comp card, but in the rest of her photos she seems to have a similar expression...somewhat surprised & doe eyed. I'd like to see more of her work though. More editorial, more photos of her on the runway. She seems to be at least an interesting find. Time and more photos will tell.
I'd love to see her exude more confidence.

Perhaps she has newcomer jitters and will settle down with more experience.

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She's got such a unique look, I really like her! I hope she doesn't gain when she gets older because I'd love to see more of her.
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She is captivating, I hope to see more of her. Freckles are cute on girls, so it will be interesting to see how they translate when she is more mature.
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Oh my god I love her!!! Amazing face (she's like a mix of Gemma and a baby Maggie Rizer to me?)
I was just about to post this!

Something about her facial structure is very Gemma, though Gemma is a tiny bit more symmetrical.
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She is so...precious!!! I love her face, freckles . . . gosh, she's absolutely ethereal, really! Even in the background of this photo, she catches my attention more than the closer-to-the-lens model.