society model management

  1. vogueforbreakfast

    Sara Grace Wallerstedt

    She is 17 years old. I think she's from the US but not sure. Stats: Height - 5'9.5" Bust - 31" Hips - 34.5" I think her face is cute and unique in an elf-ish way. What do you guys think?
  2. sentier

    Jess Picton-Warlow

    She is everywhere this season. I wasn't into her at first but now I find her face to be very interesting. I had no idea that she was from Perth, which makes me love her. She is 18. 2015 2016
  3. bingeonvogue

    Alisha Nesvat

    Avant Models Height: 5'10 Found her while checking whether Sia Prokofyeva lost weight (spoiler: she hasn't) Not sure how I think she is in front of a camera but love, love her body. :luvluv: I think she's still young so hoping for more in the future.