Romee Strijd

Apr 16, 2012
I love her. She has fab legs and her stats are: 5'9 1/2", 32-23-33 :luv:







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She is stunning! Beautiful delicate and very feminine thinspo, gorgeous! :kiss:
I wish I had a waist like hers, it's so tiny!
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Her waist is tiny! And i love her hair :luv:...
@tiffanysgirl18 thanks for sharing, i didn't know her before. She's Dutch, right?
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I lover her. She looks so beautiful and feminine. :luv:
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@Skinny2012 yeah she is dutch :) she is only 17 too! I know.. her hair looks so lovely and healthy. Mine is in a state right now :(
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@Skinny2012 yeah she is dutch :) she is only 17 too! I know.. her hair looks so lovely and healthy. Mine is in a state right now :(

OMG she is the same age as me! How do I look like this and she looks like that :wtf:. I love her face and great legs :luv: thanks for sharing x
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love her waist!


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Romee Strijd.

Born on
19 July.

My style is
“A little bit rock but I also love simple basics”.

My fashion tip is
“Good jeans and good basics!”

My favourite TopModel is
“Kate Moss”.

My favourite dress is
“A leather black dress”.

Fashion is
“Travelling a lot, see a lot of different places and - of course - people!”

A funny fashion moment
“My English is not very good, so when a photographer asked me if I wanted some coke I was like… Pardon?!”

My interests are
“Going out, doing fun things with friends and of course modeling”.

“I love house music and I am doing fitness and hula hoop”.

My best experience was
“The shows for Burberry, Prada and Christopher Kane”.

Future and projects
“I am waiting to see what comes next, it’s very exciting”.

My biggest dream
“To be a fulltime model and to see a lot of places”.

One day I want to
“Go to New York”.

“Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and with friends on holiday to Mallorca”.

I love
“The quote: be happy for this moment, this moment is your life”.
She's walking in the VSFS this year. .



MAC Cocktail Party









Nordstrom beauty

She looked better when she was younger. Kinda average now IMO.
So beautiful! I follow her on Instagram, she's more and more beautiful every day.. I think she Will have a long carreer.
She exercises everyday and her diet:

"Before a show, I try to stay away from processed foods," she added. "I feel better when I eat healthy stuff."

On a typical day, she eats:
  • Breakfast - some combination of fresh fruit, seeds, yogurt, and almond butter. "I try to mix it up everyday with something else,"
  • After her workout - an apple, some nuts, juice, or a smoothie.
  • Lunch/dinner - homemade meals of baked fish or chicken with veggies and spices.

That doesn't mean she doesn't have cravings: "I really like all the pumpkin spice things — like pumpkin-spice muffins — that are all around. They confront me on every corner of the street! But you have to limit it."

Her last memorable indulgence: "After the VS casting, my boyfriend was waiting downstairs with a little, little carrot cake. Sometimes you have to treat yourself. But you have to maintain training after."

"I'm sure there are some girls who have good genes, and it's easier for them to stay skinny or in shape," she said. "But healthy eating and working out and taking enough rest and sleep is important for everyone — it gives you a glow as well."
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