Victoria Beckham S/S 17 New York Showlist


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Feb 14, 2016
Faretta Beram (O)

Jessie Bloemendaal

Alexia Bellini

Bara Podzimkova

Selena Forrest

Teddy Quinlivan

Yulia Ratner

Roos Abels

Tess Bruinsma

Kirin Dejonckheere
huuuuuu... i honestly have to say that until today i really loved Victoria's work, but not my thing. absolutely not. sorry.
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huuuuuu... i honestly have to say that until today i really loved Victoria's work, but not my thing. absolutely not. sorry.

I think she has a decent sense of style and it was enough for a couple of collections but I'm not sure she has enough creativity as a designer to be able to come up with new and exciting ideas season after season.

There's a huge difference between having good taste and a bit of a flair for design and actually being able to consistently come up with different and creative ideas, which is what designers need to do these days.

That said, she's by far the best of the celebrity fashion designers and I read a piece a while back from a studio who worked with her on the logo and it looks like she was a good client for them so I can't dislike her really. Not when Yeezy is still polluting our senses with his spanx inspired abominations; I get the impression Victoria is trying to learn and put in some real work to her brand.
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I appreciate what she was trying to do with her use of textures - I even have a soft spot for the unfinished edges on Roos Abels's piece. But as far as the structures she chose to work with, I can see where she was trying to go with the cuts, but I just don't think the combination of the two worked. Something about this looks...'sloppy' isn't the right word, because that's reductive, but maybe like a first draft, rather than a refined set? I feel it doesn't work together as a whole line.

Does anyone disagree / have I overlooked any points I should be appreciating?
Absolutely agree.

That blue colour she describes as "peppermint" is an atrocious colour. There are some pieces I like in the collection (the white/brown/navy pleated skirt, the floral dress) but overall the collection is very inconsistent - there's no "story", and it looks like pieces of a few different designers all thrown in together. To date, Victoria's style has been very classic, but some of these pieces are just weird and nothing like her usual style.

I want this skirt though!

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