Teddy Quinlivan


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Sep 1, 2013
21, American. She has a great upper body. Women NY. Stats on show card:




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Wow, I've just discovered her a few days ago and was wondering just today whether she has a thread on here because damn she definitely deserves one with that body! I love how narrow she is, and although I am not particularly impressed by her legs (and I am on the fence about her face) I still think that overall she looks really good. Excited to see more of her!
Swooning over her body, that last shot in particular, her face looks really good in it as well. I am not going to lie, I do love the models who are just ethereally drop dead gorgeous but I also have a spot for those who are attractive in a really weird way, which is the vibe she kind of gives me. Maybe it's because I feel like I have similar facial features. :supershame:
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She doesn't look human, in a good way:luv:
She's so mesmerising and versatile! She looks good with heavy makeup and without makeup. I can't look away! And not because "oh my god she's so fat she has her own gravitational center", more in a "what an ethereal being".
Looking forward to seeing more of her work!
She's gorgeous! I love her upper body but I do think she could work a bit on her legs.
I'm gonna go so far as to say her face is actually ugly in most shots. But like Hanne Gaby, her body makes up for it. :bow:

Also the fact that she's 21, and American, and still that skinny is pretty notable. It's sad, but I expect most American models to get fat at 18 and start crying that the industry is sooooo meeeeean.
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