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SkinnyGossip Royal
Jan 22, 2012
I'm not judging you because idk who even is Lele Pons. Had to Google her.

But now I'm wondering, what do you guys think is the worst: Viners, Instawhores, or Youtubers?
Viners, youtubers then instahoes. At least you know an instahoe is a instahoe. Most of the youtubers post click-baity useless shit that is completely irrelevant and content-free bc they’re desperately trying to stay relevant. Like Jenna Marbles. I forgot she existed then one day she popped back up and OMG HER EYELASH EXTENSIONS ARE THE MOST HIDEOUS THINGS IVE EVER SEEN. I’ve never been so personally offended by someone’s eyelashes.
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