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  1. Grace Hartzel

    Grace Hartzel

    Optima magazine
  2. Grace Hartzel

    Grace Hartzel

    Grace Hartzel by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Japan November 2016
  3. Grace Hartzel

    Grace Hartzel

  4. FashionThin

    Estella Brons

    MA: Ulla NY, London, Milan: Next Height: 179 Bust: 79 Waist: 59 Hips: 89 IG: Not a new face but I didn't notice her until S/S 18. I love her and think she's beautiful, great upper body, I'd like to see her get her hips down; they looked a bit...
  5. Rachelp

    Keighty Schmid

    She's signed with Next Models LA and is a Brandy Melville model. Normally not a big fan of brandy models, but she's actually pretty thin compared to others. Height 5'9" 30-24-34 Although she's definitely gotten a little bigger from a few years ago because her stats on another site said she...
  6. IcedAmericano

    Katie Schmid

    Technically a model, signed with Next, but rarely works outside of Brandy Melville, so I feel she's a better fit for this section than "Models" (feel free to move this thread if not!) Beautiful face, tiny waist and limbs, and actually just as thin in person. I miiiight have a slight...
  7. vie

    Grace Elizabeth

    Couldn't find any threads for her, only mentions in set lists. She's a newcomer in the VSFS this year and is with NEXT Models. I think she has a versatile look, and sometimes looks like a different person from shoot to shoot or photo to photo. Height 5'9.5" / 176 CM Bust 32" / 81 CM Waist 23" /...
  8. lechatnoir

    Marjan Jonkman

    21 year old Dutch model and one of my personal favorites. I believe her mother agency is Margreet in the Netherlands and she most recently signed with NEXT. Measurements from her page on Margreet: Height - 179cm (5'10.5") Chest - 74cm (29" ?! I'm using a conversion app) Waist - 60cm (23.5")...
  9. sabine

    Agnes Kudukis

    Fresh fresh new face with Next Canada, just happened upon her in the Beaufille SS16 lookbook and had to investigate. 5'9" 30-23-33 :nod: Beaufille SS16 And from Next's portfolio
  10. sentier

    Olivia Jansing

    Next NY Height 5'10" / 178 CM Bust 32" / 81 CM Waist 24" / 61 CM Hips 34" / 86 CM
  11. Gemma

    Hailee Lautenbach

    New face at Next - Hailee Lautenbach. Her mother agency is Option in Portland, OR. Stats Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 Stats: 34.5D-25-35 I like her. There is something about her face that is so striking. I think she has potential. What do you girls think? [Update: She's with NEXT Miami &...
  12. S

    Grace Hartzel

    I just came across this girl and I really like her body She is signed with Next. What are your thoughts on her body/face?
  13. highyoufly13

    Daria Pleggenkuhle

    She is my new thinspo. She recently lost a lot of weight it looks like. She has such great legs, and I love her neck and collar bones. Also she has a gorgeous face. What do you all think?