next models

  1. FashionThin

    Estella Brons

    MA: Ulla NY, London, Milan: Next Height: 179 Bust: 79 Waist: 59 Hips: 89 IG: Not a new face but I didn't notice her until S/S 18. I love her and think she's beautiful, great upper body, I'd like to see her get her hips down; they looked a bit...
  2. Rachelp

    Keighty Schmid

    She's signed with Next Models LA and is a Brandy Melville model. Normally not a big fan of brandy models, but she's actually pretty thin compared to others. Height 5'9" 30-24-34 Although she's definitely gotten a little bigger from a few years ago because her stats on another site said she...
  3. IcedAmericano

    Katie Schmid

    Technically a model, signed with Next, but rarely works outside of Brandy Melville, so I feel she's a better fit for this section than "Models" (feel free to move this thread if not!) Beautiful face, tiny waist and limbs, and actually just as thin in person. I miiiight have a slight...
  4. vie

    Grace Elizabeth

    Couldn't find any threads for her, only mentions in set lists. She's a newcomer in the VSFS this year and is with NEXT Models. I think she has a versatile look, and sometimes looks like a different person from shoot to shoot or photo to photo. Height 5'9.5" / 176 CM Bust 32" / 81 CM Waist 23" /...
  5. lechatnoir

    Marjan Jonkman

    21 year old Dutch model and one of my personal favorites. I believe her mother agency is Margreet in the Netherlands and she most recently signed with NEXT. Measurements from her page on Margreet: Height - 179cm (5'10.5") Chest - 74cm (29" ?! I'm using a conversion app) Waist - 60cm (23.5")...
  6. sabine

    Agnes Kudukis

    Fresh fresh new face with Next Canada, just happened upon her in the Beaufille SS16 lookbook and had to investigate. 5'9" 30-23-33 :nod: Beaufille SS16 And from Next's portfolio
  7. sentier

    Olivia Jansing

    Next NY Height 5'10" / 178 CM Bust 32" / 81 CM Waist 24" / 61 CM Hips 34" / 86 CM
  8. Gemma

    Hailee Lautenbach

    New face at Next - Hailee Lautenbach. Her mother agency is Option in Portland, OR. Stats Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 Stats: 34.5D-25-35 I like her. There is something about her face that is so striking. I think she has potential. What do you girls think? [Update: She's with NEXT Miami &...
  9. S

    Grace Hartzel

    I just came across this girl and I really like her body She is signed with Next. What are your thoughts on her body/face?
  10. highyoufly13

    Daria Pleggenkuhle

    She is my new thinspo. She recently lost a lot of weight it looks like. She has such great legs, and I love her neck and collar bones. Also she has a gorgeous face. What do you all think?