gwyneth paltrow

Feb 13, 2012
i've always been a fan: she's a good actor and seems like a lovely person
but i love her more now that she's created a limited edition clothing range available only in us 0-8 sizing :lol:
I like the fact that she is one of the only female celebs that admits to working their butts off to get a body like that.

Instead of all that "I eat whatever I want! I don't know why I'm this skinny lulz?"



Don't know about the daily cardio thing. Gwynnie kind of got started late imo.......
She was beautiful and quite slim when she was younger:



But now that she's written her own cooking book and all that, I really don't like her. Please, can actors just stick to their job?
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Not usually a big fan- I feel as if she is just saying lines and isn't emotionally invested in her characters... But her legs in those tiny silver shorts look perfect and well earned!!
Her "Goop" blog bothers me. Not everyone has an outdoor pizza oven or the time to workout four hours everyday. She lives in her own precious little world. Am I jealous? You bet!

That said, her bod rocks!
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I love that her body looks so much better than it did when she was younger. It's proof that it's never too late for anyone to get in knock-out shape!
I absolutely loooove her! :luv:

Funny thing, Im not fan of her acting. Some movies are ok, but can't say is my fav actress.

I started to like her when I saw "On the Road again: Spain", food series for all over Spain with Claudia Bassols. I loved how she was stick to her diet but even so enjoyed food. She was stick to her coffee with soy milk :) and had a bit of everything (except red meat).

Anyway, after 2 children and almost 40, she is the kind of woman that would love to be. I like how she insists on having a healthy life.

She's living proof of how a healthy diet and lifestyle really pays off as you get that little bit older! She has the kind of dewy skin and long, lean body that many twenty-something-year-olds could only dream of! Think I'm gonna make her my new role model.....


050710_gwyn3.jpg she's hardly aged a day in those 15 years! In fact she looks BETTER now!

I want to bump this thread up. I absolutely love Gwyneth. I was watching one of her movies "Emma" today, and she was just so petite! And even as she has gotten older, she has kept her marvellous figure. Well done Gwyneth!
She's an inspiration to me. 2 children and look awesome.
I like how she insist on the importance to keep yourself healthy. I like she is not like 'I eat whatever and hardly excercise'.
She confence she works really really hard.

Love her :luv:
She has always been an inspiration to me. We had children at very same times. While I was trying to exercise myself thin she talked about eating organic and doing yoga. I laughed and contined to gain 30 pounds. Only when I began to restrict calories and do yoga and Pilates did I lose weight! 35 pounds and feeling great!! Love her!
Younger Gwyneth







I wish photos could be as flattering now as they were in the 90s... damn digital age flash-photography :twisted: