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Ever since I saw The Descendants, I developed a slight girl crush on Shailene Woodley :oops:
More so, because she's exactly my age.
I love how athletic she looks without being too muscular.
The way she dresses in real life might make her look chunkier than she is, at times, but I couldn't get over how great she looked in The Descendants

In The Descendants

From a few years ago


At Vanity Fair's Oscar Party


In 2008
There is something about her, I don't know if it is , her face, the way she dresses, or/and her posture which makes me think she looks chubby at times, when in reality she is pretty thin.
I watched the Descendents just yesterday...she is a very cute girl and a great new actress.

The movie was sad, but also kind of thinspiring just because Clooney and his "daughters" were always on the beach, swimming, going for a walk or hiking....this made me get up after watching the movie to go for a run too^^.
I really liked The Descendants... not much happened in that movie, it was more of a character study, and there was some very good acting in it... she did a good job. How hilarious was that boyfriend of hers? hhhah, what a dick.

She is pretty slim, nice legs, sweet personality.
She's not fat. But I admit I was shocked when I saw her in a bikini in Descendants. I never though she would look that good.
There is something about her face that makes her seem bigger than she really is.
She's not fat. But I admit I was shocked when I saw her in a bikini in Descendants. I never though she would look that good.
There is something about her face that makes her seem bigger than she really is.

she does have a full face... which is reason alone for her to have to watch her figure. Can you imagine of she gained weight and any of it went to her face? :)-])) my horrible attempt at a smiley with a double chin
She's actually quite slim! I wouldn't have thought so, looking at her face...
Have you guys seen her recently?? She was on the wednesday (12 of march) tonight show (
and she looks like she has lost a lot of weight. Her hair is short and slick and she's wearing a loose black leather dress on the show, but really looks so different bodily! They showed a clip of her in her most recent movie, Divergent, but she's lost a bit since then and can tell has been working out a lot cuz now she's a bit chunky muscle-wise.... Her face is still kinda the same, but looks better I think:grin: I don't really have any opinion about this girl, but if she keeps it up she'd look pretty nice!:grin: I think she may be the new J Law with her soar in main movie characters recently.






she has a really odd figure... her legs are look fine to me. But those muscles stick out like a lot...
And look her glance on the third picture. She is like: "Fuck you bitch. I wanna be that skinny too. "


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I really am starting to like her figure. I know she's big on healthy eating. Not just like, eating good. She's kind of an extremist with making her own stuff. Like I'm pretty sure she has her own garden, gets her own water from springs, makes some of her own products, etc.
I think thats really admirable! It's too extreme for me personally, but to each their own! :) I could definitely see myself having a garden when I graduate (have more time), get a house (start making the big $$) and just have the resources in general.