Saddest movie ever?

i don't even cry in movies but each time I read/see something that relates to WW2/The Holocaust I get so sentimental :(

But I think Shindler's List is even sadder, as it describes the fates of many people, whilst The Pianist focuses on one person.
Shindler's List is also my favorite movie of all time. I think it's artistically perfect as it is storywise.
AI - after half of the movie I just couln't stop crying...

Oh same here! I had such a mental breakdown after this and cried for two hours when the film had ended.. But he just wanted to be a normal boy and just wanted to be loved :(:nervous:
I choose Remember me and One day, I practically had a small heart attack at the end of One Day; these 2 movies made me cry and I never cry at movies
Requiem for a Dream was so sad :cry: beautifully made though.
My sister's keeper
August Rush
Marley and me
The last song
The lost valentine
.....oh i can go all day hehe
Say Anything. In it the dad turns out to be the bad guy and the whole thing is overcast due to being filmed in Seattle. Ione Skye is it in and she was really not in anything ever again.

OMG it's hilarious; Lloyd Dobbler is hot. But the dad is a bad guy and therefore it is sad.
The most depressingly sad movie I've seen recently is Death of a Salesman. It's not a "life's beautiful awww" movie (well originally a play) it just makes you feel sad reflecting back on your life and people you know :cry:

I'm not gonna lie, I watched Lost in Translation when I was feeling really down (can't actually remember why) and I teared up... but well that wasn't in the same depressing way, that was more a happy sad ending.
I recently watched a movie called Children of Men. It was pretty sad :(
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas :cry:

Oh, I didn't know that was a movie. I loved the book, though - the ending is so well written, and so unexpected right up until the last few pages.

For me, I think Pan's Labyrinth has to be pretty high up. I know some people interpret the ending differently, but I was already crying from about halfway through ... It's a beautiful movie, anyway.
Probably Schindler's List... but I also cried my eyes out all the way through Up!
The Green Mile?
It wasn't exactly sad but it's the only movie I ever cried at. That scene where he didn't use water...
Toy Story 3 has me sobbing every time!! And also the time traveller's wife for some reason!
I found My Girl and Song For A Raggy Boy so sad. I've never cried so much watching a movie as I did during Raggy boy. When I find out films are based on true stories it just makes me weep even more!
Although I cry at basically anything (I'm such a sap:rolleyes: ), I didn't find anything about The Notebook tear-worthy, I'm still known as a heartless bitch by my friends ha