Saddest movie ever?

AI - after half of the movie I just couln't stop crying...
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Has anyone seen Gardens of the Night? I just watched it last sad
The Last Lions. Don't even watch it actually. It'll break your heart with despair.
I didn't cry/almost cry in any of the movies mentioned that I've seen... feel so heartless (funny because my emotions are easily provoked). But I'm scared to watch the ones I haven't seen haha I'll bawl my eyes out!
Saddest movie ever? Hmmm.. The remake of the Stepford Wives was pretty sad. Or the Tim burton remakes of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka. Those made me weep tears of sadness for sure.
And I don't know why but I still have to cry every time I see Gladiator.
i don't even cry in movies but each time I read/see something that relates to WW2/The Holocaust I get so sentimental :(
I have cried during a lot of the movies previously posted, I am such a sap!! Of ones that have not been posted, my favourite movie of all time (besides Hayao Miyazki films, tehe) is Moulin Rouge, and I ALWAYS cry after watching it.

Oh, and another one that I'm surprised has not been mentioned is Marley and Me! I have a SUPER soft side for animals, and omg, I absolutely died a little inside at the end of this movie. I couldn't stop sobbing! :(
Mr. Holland's Opus - not "sad" per-se, but the ending is so incredibly moving I cry every time!
I'm crying over movies ALL. THE. TIME. (mostly due to identification in certain situations...)
You would laugh at me if I told you some of them :lol:
But seriously folks, the saddest movie ever HAS to be Titanic, right?!