Gwen Stefani



I think she's always had a great body, has a great unique style and I think it's adorable how she dresses up her kids, lol
What do you people think?




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She's one of those celebrities that's super honest too; she's admitted to "going to bed hungry" in order to keep her shape.
Well, I can say she is working really hard to keep this weight, also she is working out, you can see it on her abs :luv:. She isn't super skinny, but fit and slim in a healthy way :)
She's not super-skinny, but she's extremely healthy and muscular (in a good way) and adorable :) I love Gwen, I think her current size is just about perfect for her frame and style.
I was going to do a thread on her! Great minds think alike ;)
I love her she was my idol for a while. I just love her style and I think she has a lovely figure. I also loved her music and how she was involved with Japanese culture and fashion. I love japanese fashion its so quirky and girlie :3
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I love Gwen Stefani! She's definitely motivation when you don't feel like exercising :)
I love her. I hope I look so good when I'm her age - she's freaking 42! I think her style is interesting and one of the few people who can pull of that look with the platinum blonde hair without looking stupid. She's a knockout with the red lips and all, but I think I prefer her when she's a bit undone... so sexy.

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I think she has a great style.. i don't think she ever leaves the house without checking her outfit twice :)
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So thinspiring! :luv: If she is 42 and has had kids, then I have no excuse for not losing weight.
gwen's muscular frame suits her well. And shes had kids and looks that good! I can appreciate her honesty about maintaining her weight. I personally would look really weird with that body shape and muscle, but she ROCKS it!
I love her!
Her style, body, music (I used to listen to it and dance in front of my mirror, when I was a kid :p ) and she seems quite smart. I never read anything that could make her seem stupid.
I LOVE Gwen! She is such a nice person and such beautiful!
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She's very pretty, like others have said, her honestly is refreshing, but for me, not thinspo at all :/