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Aug 1, 2013
What does everyone think of Gigi Hadid?

Everytime I open a magazine at the moment she seems to be featured in it.

She's very "commercial", not high fashion but there's something alluring about her face that I like.


Trashy overarched eyebrows make her look perpetually surprised. Her face is too plump for my tastes; she almost looks bloated in candids.
Maybe an unpopular opinion, but she's too boring for me. Face too round, body too round, overall forgettable. "Pretty" but not model material.
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Meh, I don't like her. Too much of a barbie face for my taste. She seems 'plastic'.
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Annoying! -- every time I see her candid, and her personality seems just very fake :meh: boring. Like trashy Kate Upton combined with Kendal Jenner. A kid that got into the industry thanks to her contacts and mommy. Apparently she and Kendal are going to be in the top 50 models of the year according to models.com:(- just shows how quantity over quality reigns over anything and everything it seems these days :mclap:
Agree with all those who said boring. She is not worthy of being a model, and is only getting work because of her connects. I could be a model too without putting in any effort if I was born into the right family, which is exactly what she's doing
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Oh I wish we wouldn't taint the models section :smash:

Why does this thread exist.
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I personally think she's stunning facially, if she got herself down to actual model measurements she would be spectacular, her features would really stand out... She doesn't have to though so she wont.






Unremarkable. In every way.
I cannot even remember her face. I always fail to recognise her on pictures.
Actually no, I disagree. Every time I see her on the runway, I'm like, who is that fat model? How did she get there? Is it.... oh it is. So in a way, she is quite attention-grabbing. :meh:
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she reminds me of fergie in so many shots - which is not a good thing.
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I may be super biased, as I knew her/her family a lot growing up, but she's a really nice person and despite the fact her connections certainly got her into the business, i like her considerably more than her friends/that celeb-crew (jenner, baldwins, etc.) It's a shame she's modelling now and not in the early 90's--that time frame would've just adored her barbie/bombshell looks