weight gain

  1. sentier

    Peyton Knight

    Modelling since she was 11, switched to IMG at 13 5'9 - 30 - 22.5 - 33 Gucci SS16 Alexander Wang (semi exclusive), Victoria Beckham, Francesco Scognamiglio, Versace, Sibling, Balenciaga, Acne Standard DM article about her body...
  2. Tinyportia

    Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

    What does everyone think of Gigi Hadid? Everytime I open a magazine at the moment she seems to be featured in it. She's very "commercial", not high fashion but there's something alluring about her face that I like.
  3. M

    Taylor Marie Hill

    I decided to make a thread about her because I love her so much. She's my desktop background. :luv: She's a newcomer and she hasn't done much big, only some B and C shows, and H&M, nasty gal (which is particularly awful I believe :wtf:) etc. so I'm hoping she'll have her big break soon...
  4. E

    Elisha Cuthbert

    what do you think about her? i like these photos but i think they are older
  5. tiffanysgirl18

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    She seems to fluctuate a lot! I loved her body in the movie Eurotrip, and she looked good in Mysterious Skin and Buffy. But in Gossip Girl she has been a little on the larger side. Lately she's slimmed down a bit but she's definitely not skinny. Looking quite big in her GG days: Back...
  6. S

    Ginta Lapina

    I'm not a fan of her body, but she has a very unique face imo :luv:. Here's a fashiontv video (backstage+on the runway+ interview): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5C_cKLJlM0
  7. classichic

    Kaley Cuoco

    Kaley Cuoco plays Penny on the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Whilst she's never been skinny, she has put on a bit of weight recently. Her face is really bloated and her weight gain is more noticeable on her chest and arms area. What are your thoughts on her?
  8. Coffee_Girl

    Pretty Little Liars

    I know, I know, the season has just finished :-) But that doesn't mean we can't talk about it and it's cast! So, what do you guys think about the girls? Pretty? Ugly? Skinny? Chubby? I think Trojan's pretty skinny:)
  9. Blossom

    Nina Dobrev

    She is my inspiration...she's skinny and absolutely stunning! I'd love to look like her. What do you think?
  10. A

    Taylor Swift

    One of prettiest singers, in my opinion :) Tall, leggy, skinny girl. She maintains her figure with yoga and eating healthy. Height:5'11'' (1.80 m) Weight:120-125 lbs (55-57 kg) Measurements: 34-25-35 (85-62.5-87.5)