weight loss

  1. vie

    Smaller Clothes?

    I've often seen thinspo tips that tell you to buy smaller clothes / a size down to motivate you to lose weight and be skinny enough to fit into them. I just received a pair of extra-small, stiff black skinny jeans I ordered online and couldn't fit them over my thighs and hips:oops: Since my goal...
  2. Tinyportia

    Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

    What does everyone think of Gigi Hadid? Everytime I open a magazine at the moment she seems to be featured in it. She's very "commercial", not high fashion but there's something alluring about her face that I like.
  3. marieebo

    Chiara Biasi

    I doubt any of you guys know her since she's mostly known In Italy, she's a blogger and she went to average\fat to skinny! Before: . Now: