Daphne Groeneveld

She's grown into me. I kind of love her now, she looks like a mermaid and she has a great resume now that I think about it (and it's getting even more impressive!). Also helps that she looks like a duck, and ducks are adorable. :)

She looked stunning at LV S/S 2012 :luv:

Whilst I don't particularly like her face, her body looked undeniably good at the beginning of her career when she was still skinny :nopity:


You have to remember that she started when she was 15-years-old. This gif she was only 15. She hadn't even finished growing properly.

Now I don't want to start the 'models should be fully grown' argument or anything, but a model is more likely to gain weight if they start out that young and that skinny. Keeping in mind that that doesn't apply to all models, I mean look at Miranda Kerr (although I don't think Miranda was that skinny when she was 15)

Anyway I think that Daphne has a gorgeous and unique face & I really like her. I think she's beautiful.

She must've been much younger in her before pic, because her bones look very narrow, like maybe she was just starting puberty. Maybe as she grew, her hipbones widened, she packed on some "woman fat".

That said she looks much better in her Dior Addict video campaign, a blow-up doll face like hers only look good when she's skinny.
If you don't want to look like a whale, don't walk next to Freja!

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Daphne has such an unusual face and I can never tell if she's beautiful or ugly. Sometimes her features work so well, but it really has to be on the right angle and with the right emphasis (I think we can all agree that having lightened eyebrows does not suit her)


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Anyone know what's up with her? I haven't heard from her for a long time. Did she walk for S/S 14?
Anyone know what's up with her? I haven't heard from her for a long time. Did she walk for S/S 14?

I don't think she has, haven't seen her either so I checked in Style.com and they have no pictures of her after F/W 2013 (only the party for the CR Book) :wtf:. I haven't seen a November editorial for her either. Can it be that she's fading? :nervous: That would disappoint a lot of people considering they thought she would be the next supermodel. :lol:
She didn't walk for SS14 because sge wasn't able to get her body runway ready apparently

Very scary indeed.

Wouldn't most agencies get on their employees case if they weren't meeting agency requirements?

I see I'm the odd one out here, but I just love her. I liked her with the brown hair but when I saw her blonde I was blown away. Perfection, IMO. She's probably my favorite model right now.

However, I do agree about her face being "busy" at times. The big eyebrows did not suit her and I think she looks sloppy with a lot of lip makeup on. But I still think her face handles makeup quite well, and I think she's much more beautiful than a lot of other popular models.


I really like her in this photograph.

Incase anyone missed this, hahahah.

I'm still not sure how I feel about her. She has a really lovely smile, which helps make her lips not look as overwhelmingly large. Definitely not a big fan of bold, or thick lip makeup applied on her at all. It looks so sloppy and cheap on her.
I don't think she'll lose the weight any time soon though.