ZOE saldana

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by VixenVixen, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. VixenVixen

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  2. Victoria

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    she's beautiful! I looked up her stats: 5'7 and 113lbs (in case anyone was interested) x
  3. VixenVixen

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    omg you so rock she's 5'7 wow i thought she was shorter cool i think she going to be my inspiration i'm like 5'6
  4. MissSkinny_mini

    Jan 16, 2012
    She is only 5'7? She looks taller in photos?
  5. Mary Lou

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    I would have guessed 103 lbs

    If the given stats are true she must have the heaviest bones :rolleyes:
  6. VixenVixen

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    more pics

    :) Zoe-Saldana-Nylon-6.jpg
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  7. Blondie

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    I was just watching Center Stage last night haha. She is so pretty and thin in that movie.
  8. VixenVixen

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    I'm. So watching it
  9. analinne

    analinne Rookie

    Jan 16, 2012
    her new pics :luv:

  10. Peppertea3

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    I would still guess 103. Her 113 stats are likely fake, so her weight won't seem too shocking.

    She's gorgeous!
  11. Skinny2012

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    I love the picture of her in skinny jeans ;).
  12. Scarlet

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    She looked so great in her last movie (don´t remember the title, sorry!)
    I really like the idea that Hollywood producers actually put a really skinny girl (who is not Angelina Jolie) in an action movie without being afraid of people questioning how realistic it was, or whether she was the right actress for that role. I guess there have been discussions, but I didn´t red or follow them.
  13. analinne

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    Jan 16, 2012
    Me too :luv:
  14. jencat

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    Wow, she is so pretty and a great inspiration. That black dress is amazing...I want!
  15. NewLeaf

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    Jan 23, 2012
    She's beautiful, and she makes the super skinny look look healthy as well :) that's the kind of frame where you can wear anything you want and look breath taking, damn... haha
  16. VixenVixen

    VixenVixen Guest

    she is so beautiful :bow:
  17. I LOVE HER! Shes a great actress and soooo pretty!:luv:
  18. AMQ

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    love her as well... colombiana was a really nice movie!!!
  19. VixenVixen

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    Zoe Saldana is quite possibly one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood right now. Even with her Avatar fame, she has managed to keep a low profile. We already mentioned that Zoe is into Pilates, but we know you love her and want more info about her diet and exercise. We even have one of her favorite recipes to share with you.
    Zoe Saldana Respects Her Body

    Zoe Saldana focuses on health, not dropping pounds, when she does a workout. Zoe told Self the importance of not making appearance the end goal, saying “you really have to nurture your body.” “I have a lot of respect for people who do it, because it’s a lifestyle.” Further, “I don’t like when my body feels exhausted or full or just tired and mistreated. My trainer really is respectful, but also pushy–I’m very stubborn and very dominant and, so that’s the only way that I get to really give in. To him, it’s not just to make you look good, it’s about finding a way to give you good habits.”
    Zoe Saldana Finds Balance in Food

    Even while traveling to exotic locations, Zoe Saldana does not succumb to temptation and eats healthily. She says, “I’m going to these exotic, beautiful places, and I definitely want to eat everything.” But, ”If I start in an unhealthy state, I’m going to feel twice as guilty. And I like to give myself the opportunity to really have fun.” Zoe Saldana follows a balanced diet because it makes her smarter. She says, “When you don’t have to worry about the body and you’re eating well and you’re respecting your body, the brain is so much sharper and so are your emotions.”

    Most importantly, Zoe Saldana has a positive outlook on aging. “I’m very accepting with my age. It’s like notches on your belt: experience, wisdom, and a different kind of beauty. There comes a day when you’ve become comfortable in your skin. But God as my witness, I am going to try to do everything I can to keep this ass together for as long as I possibly can—without going against nature.”

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