Rachel Bilson

Jun 7, 2012
I haven't been able to find a thread for her yet so thought I would start one. I have always found he stunning and I just love her style!






I love her body.
Well then...why is this in the takedowns? I think it belongs to the "celebrities" ;)
And I forgot to ad, I'm just jealous of this girl because she's with HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN!!! :luv: Gahhh
I like her and I like her style. And she is dating Hayden Christensen whos damn hot!

I love love love Rachel Bilson, was there really not already a thread about her?

Anyone watching her show 'Hart of Dixie'? :)
I love her! Since I'm pretty short, using models for thinspo is really unrealistic, but luckily she has always been there to inspire me. I love how she always looks so polished- her hair and makeup are always flawless. She's like a slightly edgier Kate Middleton.
I absolutely love her! She's so tiny and delicate. Just comparing her in the pictures with "regular" people, where she's wearing a bikini top and a long flowing skirt, I'm just wow. I'm short, so I love seeing short celebs like her, it really motivates me because I can hardly turn myself into a supermodel no matter how much weight I lose!
I'm also quite jealous of her curves. She's very small, but has a defined waist, and hips (she seems to be a pear?), which I don't have. She also always manages to work it, by chosing the right clothes for her figure (although I don't always understand her fascination with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots, which tend to shorten her legs).
She is definitely a pear, sometimes her thighs look huge in photographs. She was so cute in The OC but I don't know about her now :confused:

I've always had a soft spot for her because someone once told me I looked like her
Thank you to whoever moved this post. She Is stunning and has such a tiny little frame, her style is also something I Love, she seems to be able to look so stunning in something so simple like jeans and a blazer