Jan 17, 2012
Somebody else love her?? she's my best thinspo... I would love to look like her at that age!!


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First time that I see her, and her back looks a bit scary on the first picture. Maybe it's just not her most flattering pic.
She's pretty and classy, i love this pic of her and Carla Bruni:

Her body is amazing but in some photos I find her too skinny:

Plus, i've heard that she's got an ED (but I don't know, maybe is just gossip!)
She is so lovely! Her style is impeccable and I think her skinny figure makes her look extra chic.
I think she looks lovely. A little skinny, yes, but nothing I would consider unattractive. She's quite beautiful for her age as well.. she's aged so gracefully.
She looks young for her age. I like how you can sense classiness and elegance from her.
She's major thinspo for me as she has 2 kids like I do, and to retain a body like that must take a serious amount of work and dedication
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Isn't she known to have an ED though?
I don't know for sure, but I read it somewhere. Could be it's just the typical media-thing with thin celebs.

Though the pressure of being royal is insane. She wouldn't be the first royal to struggle with an ED...

She is very beautiful though :)
She's so pretty! She looks like she has the bones of a bird, so tiny and fragile :luv:
Where is she from?

Spain, Royal Princess from Asturia.



I also think she is pretty, comparing to other Royals. Obviously no one beats Charlotte Casiraghi when it comes to beauty, but bitch isn't skinny. :(
Sometimes her face looks really gaunt and harsh, and sometimes she looks really pretty. She's not as pretty as Kate Middleton (and neither as pretty as Charlotte Casiraghi!), but she has a great body which makes up for it. Plus, she often dresses really pretty.
Leti's frail body
Charlotte's face
Kate's waist

et voila that would be SGF princess royal material for this section.
Leti's frail body
Charlotte's face
Kate's waist

et voila that would be SGF princess royal material for this section.

Love this! I agree on letizias body, she looks very good (especially for having children and being in her forties!).. But why on earth she is with that boring, bland and cruel man, I have no idea. I mean, he is rich - but that's all the advantages covered.
I love her, she is very beautiful, elegant and has a timeless type of beauty and class (not to mention she looks stunning for her age). I actually like her a tiny bit more than Charlotte Casiraghi, who can look quite masculine sometimes (she's pregnant, by the way).
i love her body,it's so perfect and she is so pretty, she kind of remembers me of olivia palermo