Nastya Kusakina


Wow! I saved about half of these pics. She looks like a human Babrbie!:drool:
Actually yes, me too. Probably because Tanya D is more elfin, and Nastya is more true babydoll, which is just a look I prefer above all others.

VERY well put! I seriously love categorizing and subcategorizing (and micro-categroizing lol...) all the different looks. Elfin < babydoll for sure. Kinda makes me want to start a thread with a detailed breakdown of them all :)
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I can't really see her as a babydoll. Babydolls resemble porcelain dolls with round faces, button noses and alien but innocent features. Nastya is stunning and angelic and ethereal for sure, but she looks a lot more like one of the "catlike" or "elfin" girls to me. She may look innocent because, well, she is still 17. But I can definitely see her looks maturing (same as Sasha Luss) in a few years.