Nastya Kusakina


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Jan 26, 2012
New face... Pretty & delicate with killer eyes! Thought I'd share..


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Oooh I love! I like her with the super light hair. Big eyes and delicate features. Looks like a fairy :luv:
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Very cute and delicate. Just like a fairy as @Irene said, wish she would sprinkle some of that pixie dust over me :)
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wow, beautiful, cute and delicate! I love her body, and her eyes are just stunning!
She has lovely eyes and a bit of a baby face. I like!
Though she kinda creeps me out here

Like those little girl ghosts in movies :eek:


I posted that picture purposely for that reason.

That picture is the perfect example of her 'creepy' mode. I love it.
Love love her body in this one. She looks skinny, but fit, a look I've found myself gravitating towards lately.
Same here!

that is some body inspiration for me & I like her overall look!

Ok, but generally speaking, here is one thing that I don't get it-- if that is her real hair color, how can such fine textured blond hair grow so long and pretty! (*envy*). :bow:
Her face is so enchanting, I adore the soft features and long blonde hair.
I do wonder how she would look with dark hair though, I think that it would suit her.
And her body is pretty great too
She's stunning, she looks like a human fairy :luv::luv::luv:


Her eyes are incredible!
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