avant models

  1. blackvelvetbow

    Lina Avilova

    I noticed that we don’t currently have a thread for Lina Avilova. She’s with Avant. Her stats from their site: HEIGHT: 176 CM BUST: 80 CM HIPS: 87 CM WAIST: 60 CM HAIR: DARK BROWN EYES: GRAY I adore her look and can’t wait to see what she does next.
  2. Odri


    Odri @ Avant models
  3. Sasha Luss

    Sasha Luss

    Sasha Luss for Tom Ford ss 2015
  4. Sasha Luss for Versace

    Sasha Luss for Versace

    Versace queen
  5. Sasha Luss for Numero No.144

    Sasha Luss for Numero No.144

    Sasha's first Numero cover.
  6. Sasha Sup

    Sasha Sup

    Photogenics LA
  7. Nastya Kusakina.jpg

    Nastya Kusakina.jpg

  8. Steinberg


    Valentino Pre-Fall 2020
  9. espressoenthusiast

    Ana Eva

    Another new Avant face Age: 15 (DOB: 09/2002)
  10. espressoenthusiast

    Alya Spir

    New face with Avant 175 50.8kg 83-58-87
  11. Starbuck

    Kris Grikaite

    Avant Models Height: 175 (I hope she gets a little taller) 80-60-87 IG: kris_grikaite She has a 2017 Prada campaign and has recently walked for Prada, Celine, Dior and Paco Rabanne. The short cropped haircut is relatively new and I think it really suits her face. And before the big chop:
  12. bingeonvogue

    Alisha Nesvat

    Avant Models Height: 5'10 Found her while checking whether Sia Prokofyeva lost weight (spoiler: she hasn't) Not sure how I think she is in front of a camera but love, love her body. :luvluv: I think she's still young so hoping for more in the future.
  13. bingeonvogue

    Alena Lyashenko

    Signed with Avant :naughty: Also the non-model threads being constantly on the first page of the Models forum is boring me. :meh: I adore her boney shoulders. I just wish she would pout a little less in some of her photos and maybe drop a little (especially on the legs which seem to be...
  14. bingeonvogue

    Liza Kuznetsova

    Women Model Management Height: 175 / 5'10" Bust: 79 / 31" Waist: 59 / 23" Really love her look :luv: Those ribs... :inluv:
  15. bingeonvogue

    Anya Molochkova

    Signed by Avant Models :naughty: I really like her eyes. :luv: I think she could stand to lose a little more in her legs though: Although I'm sure Avant is on it. :p
  16. Artemis

    Avant Models Agency & AvantCamp

    Just getting the ball rolling on this thread--I am not Russian/E.European and don't really have any particularly "inside" information. Everything posted has been crudely translated. I have never asked my Russian friends about their mother agencies. From what I've seen, it seems a lot like the...
  17. sabine

    Masha Skokova

    New face with Avant, I think she has a real cinematic beauty. She only started this year and already has 2x Prada exclusives under her belt, she was also a semi-exclusive for Louis Vuitton and was supposed to open Miu Miu ss16 but they changed the line last minute, not sure why. models.com...
  18. FashionThin

    Anastasia "Alyoshka" Aleshkina

    Avant 175cm 48kg 77-59-85 DOB 2001-05
  19. Dominique

    Alia Galyautdinova

    Before: after: Height: 173 cm / 5'8'' Bust: 75 cm / 29.5'' Waist: 57 cm / 22'' Hips: 84 cm / 33'' Agency: Avant Models
  20. Xsmall

    Darya "Dasha" Dogusheva

    Age: 15 Height: 172 weight: 46kg Bust: 82 (32) Waist: 60 (23) Hips: 88 (34) Eyes: green Hair: light brown Signed with Avant http://avantmodels.ru/models/dasha-dogusheva-2/