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Feb 1, 2015
Women Model Management

Height: 175 / 5'10"
Bust: 79 / 31"
Waist: 59 / 23"

Really love her look :luv:



Those ribs...

Same; I like that she's got different, stronger facial features than what I've been seen in many new faces lately (I especially love the second picture of her!) and a great upper body, and seemingly legs from the one shot they're in.

Great eyebrows, too, without being her 'main' feature in a Cara/Bambi way!
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Wow she's beautiful. Such a natural beauty who doesn't require "contour" even with a "bare face", unlike some "models" out there :rolleyes:
She totally reminds me of a model version of the actress Jennifer Carpenter! :D

I don't really see this at all. They have completely different eyes, brow shape, and lips (including that little above lip dimple). Also, I hate Jennifer Carpenter with a burning passion, she absolutely ruined Dexter for me (well her character and the writers). But she's kind of a scream queen and wasn't very good in those either.