Model Eat!

Wait was she complaining? That's not really like her. Also that is a very nice lunch by industry standards.
I assume it was an attempt to seem relatable? I can’t blame her for wanting to grow her social media by any means necessary—I’d never heard of her until her TikTok came up. :supershame:

I completely agree with you about the lunch. It looks miles ahead of the (extortionately priced) meals I eat at university.
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Lots of inspiration from @leandramcohen on Instagram. I just love the crudités.







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Mika Schneider next to her small bowl of fruit. :luvluv:
I absolutely adore her taste in music too. Born Slippy is one of the things that made Danny Boyle's Trainspotting so memorable.
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If there weren't already enough reasons to adore Hoyeon, simply her calling this an "amazing lunch" to her +20m Instagram followers would be sufficient for me.
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Her friend's plate is also fine in my opinion: rice noodles, vegetables, and tofu. Very similar to the bento box in terms of carbs/veggies/protein but just prepared differently.
I see your point completely. I guess that the sight of noodles and the mere size of the meal threw me off a bit initially.
So many veggies on Léa's plate!
Her friend's plate, on the other hand... No comment. :nervous:

I agree about the friend's but tbh they both look like large meals to me. Not like disgustingly big but I personally wouldn't be comfortable with a lunch that big, especially the friend's. I'd be OK with Lea's if you took the rice away. Just my neurotic opinion.
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I’ve seen Lainey Hearn on a few threads here and she makes videos on her (and her sisters) tiktok about her diet sometimes.

It’s refreshing to see a model be honest about their approach to food for once on there.


It’s definitely working well for her too she’s looking good.
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