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Male Thinspo Collection


Worker Bee
Apr 22, 2019
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Seeing Christian Bale's weight loss transformation for The Machinist in this thread reminded me of Jeremy Irvine's intensive weight loss for The Railway Man. Again, maybe not so much 'in the spirit' of this thread (as @hazyshadeofwinter put it) as he looks pretty sickly (he played a *spoiler* tortured POW), but his dedication & discipline is incredible. He said his restriction led to him being hospitalised for 6 months after filming- I think he pretty much starved himself and his body crashed, didn't lose it gradually. (irrelevant but the guy's goddamn gorgeous!)
A picture of him beforehand for reference:
Another actor who lost a lot for a role (doesn't get mentioned very often for this) is Cillian Murphy. He lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks for In the Heart of the Sea. Picture is a bit rough looking as *another spoiler* his character gets stranded on an island (not many pictures as the scenes are limited). Probably my favourite actor and another utterly gorgeous guy.
His body usually for reference (from his show Peaky Blinders, he does work out a lot before filming for this. He says he's naturally skinny but he's filming so often he keeps himself more built):
He was also nice and skinny when he was younger:
(28 Days Later)
Disco Pigs
hqdefault (1).jpg
Surprised young Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet:
The Basketball Diaries
Luke Pasqualino in Skins (good show for female thinspo too):
May not to be the taste of a lot of SG girls but Lil Peep (may he rest in peace) :
Konrad Annerud (model known for looking like Leonardo DiCaprio)
This was probably too long- kept thinking of guys to add to it! OT but would recommend all the films and shows in this post.


Worker Bee
Feb 8, 2017
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I <3 this thread. Why is it that I go through phases where male thinspo inspires me so much more than female thinspo? When I was a teenager, Daniel Johns from Silverchair (lol I know) was such body inspiration to me (unfortunately while he was ill, which I didn't know at the time), but there weren't really female figures I aspired to in the same way. I've always been super feminine, etc, but I wonder whether even thin women's figures often aren't straight up and down enough for my tastes?

Anyway, at risk of sounding a total cliche, the late Richey Edwards from Manic Street Preachers was always goals for me. Not in the sense of only knowing that one song he wrote about anorexia, but in the sense of admiring someone who was warm, funny, literate, and hyper intelligent, who struggled with his demons as hard as he could. I know he had anorexia, but he placed value on being dainty and slight, and I admire that.

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