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    light as a feather
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  3. gracilis

    Male Thinspo Collection

    As title states, a place to post your gratuitous male thinspo -- men, models, mortals all. This won't be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay. The intention isn't to convert, but to collect. I am of the mind it would be unconscionable to begin without the Thin White Duke himself...
  4. proseccoprincess

    Judy Kinuthia

    Ok, girl has finally started getting serious work/the recognition she deserves, so it's thread time! Enrole Models Fusion NYC Premium FR Uno Barcelona Monster Milan 5'11 Bust- 29" Waist- 24" Hips- 35" And of course, a classic:
  5. proseccoprincess

    AnniBelis Baez

    Viva Paris/London/Barcelona WhyNot Milan DNA New York 5'11 Bust- 30" Waist- 23" Hips- 34" New-ish model from the Dominican Republic. She's been killing it at the past few fashion weeks and her body is :bow:
  6. IcedAmericano

    Katie Schmid

    Technically a model, signed with Next, but rarely works outside of Brandy Melville, so I feel she's a better fit for this section than "Models" (feel free to move this thread if not!) Beautiful face, tiny waist and limbs, and actually just as thin in person. I miiiight have a slight...
  7. Willow Hand

    Willow Hand

    Vera Wang SS17
  8. vie

    Smaller Clothes?

    I've often seen thinspo tips that tell you to buy smaller clothes / a size down to motivate you to lose weight and be skinny enough to fit into them. I just received a pair of extra-small, stiff black skinny jeans I ordered online and couldn't fit them over my thighs and hips:oops: Since my goal...
  9. Olga


    When it comes to Olga, there is no competition ;))
  10. S

    (Male) Rockstar Thinspo!

    Hey all-- I know a lot of skinnies share my love of bowie and i've read that some of you (like myself) enjoy male thinspo as well, many of us coming from an androgynous perspective anyways! we all know that the world of rock and roll is full of lovely emaciated musicians and i think they...