Katy Perry



She reminds me of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. Hair, sex figure, weight fluctations... She has a HUGE chest (boobs). And not very fit. Maybe belongs in the takedown thread? Oh, well..



This one had me surprised at her stomach... not as bad as i expected.






I don't dislike her body as much as I maybe should, I'm not sure why. Maybe because even though I'm well aware that she's annoying, contrived, a little tacky, etc etc etc, I've got a wee little soft spot for some Katy Perry.

Who knew!
Her stomach isn't actually too bad, although her boobs are absolutely massive, I wonder if she gets back pain.


I don't mind her body. It's not my ideal, but I feel this is the kind of body the fat-movement should be celebrating if they had any brains.
She is not skinny, but she is not unhealthy and she looks fine. Like a modern vintage type of body.

As for her music? Meh... not my style. Though I liked Fireworks back in the day.
I've had a soft spot for California Girls after seeing this parody video....

In general, the one thing that makes the absolute biggest difference for me in whether I think she looks pretty or not is whether her hair's up or down--I think she looks so so so much better with it down. It's remarkable.
I love her music but she would look so much better if she lost a couple of pounds.
Katy is mostly very good looking, needs to concentrate on maintaining. Somehow Hollywood will eff it up for her.
WHY is she in Vogue Italia???! This is a models job!!!!! God damn celebrities taking that away from models.








For some reason I really like her. She isn't skinny, of course, but she looks quite slim to me and in general just really good :)
If I ever was a pop singer, and was invited to perform at the VS Fashion Show, I would slim the f*ck down. In fact I would work out in my sleep and eat air. Just saying.
If I ever was a pop singer, and was invited to perform at the VS Fashion Show, I would slim the f*ck down. In fact I would work out in my sleep and eat air. Just saying.

Cough, cough, nicki minaj. But at least katy wouldn't need to divide by zero to make it so.
I think she is super plain. She is the perfect example of how an avereage looking girl can be made up in any way to appear glam, silly, sexy. I think she is a makeup artists dream face, symmetrical and plain. Ready for any look to be painted on her.
Hated her when she came out first, then kind of grew a liking and now I really don't care about her at all. Generic Popstar. NEEEEEEEEEXT.