Kaia Gerber


Her head looks so weird on her big build. It reminds me of that beetlejuice head:
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Now I understand why she didn’t walk for any show since 2020. If I had this body I would also hide
And yet her agencies are not dropping her, even though her body reminds me of a teletubbie.

I guess everything comes easier when you’re Cindy Crawford’s *botched* offspring.
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Right answers only: What is Kaia eating?
My guess she borrowed some Regina George’s Källteen bars



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After failing both modeling and acting careers, Kaia finds a new job: being a pasta dryer rack.
At this time at least she found something that matches her (maybe lack of) talents
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Glad to see her working out for once! She’s been looking too much like Bob the Builder lately…

Since her little foray into acting seems to have failed (thanks to her complete lack of talent), I'm guessing that she's trying to break back into modelling, hence why she's trying to get into shape again after two years of weight gain. Although, based of these recent photos of her (with Taylor Hill...makes sense), I don't think it's working. :nervous:


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I don’t get why she’s been invited to the Met Gala twice now. All she did was come out of a famous womb and walk two seasons of shows before getting pudgy and losing any appeal she had to begin with. Then again these two Met Galas had Emma Chamberlain of all people host the interviews, and invited TikTok stars as guests. Checks out I guess.
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Kaia’s Met Gala look. Posing hard to make her arms look slimmer but they still look meaty.

I saw a photo on her while engrossed in Instagram with her arms pulled back enough to affect a litheness and immediately pulled up this thread, and it appears as if my celebration was rash. To think that she had made progress, when in reality she is clearly very well aware that she accumulates fat on her upper body and tried to hide it. Now I am dumping out a glass of wine. What a waste.

I suppose when life is handed to her on a silver platter, she cannot help but fill it with more food.
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Kaia is trying to hide her body behind all of that hair

Loewe took this to the next level and hid her whole body with bubbles. I love seeing good ideas spread!
(From this picture, with only the collarbones being visible, we could even assume she has a decent body…)
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For those who need a good laugh today, Kaia has ventured into "photography".




The utter lack of artistry and personality she displays through her modeling, acting, and photography is impressive. Go girl give us nothing!
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