Inna Pilipenko


Hahahaha! :highfive:

Gosh she's so perfect she makes me want to be really skinny again :(
My wrists looked the same! I love delicate hands and wrists!

I agree that the way Lola said it came off rude because I know what it feels like to be insulted for being skinny. But I kind of have to throw in that it's a super slippery road you go down trying to have a 14 or 15ish bmi for an extended period of time and not get some kind of eating disorder. I hope she doesn't have one and is as happy and healthy as she looks. Gotta love her.

What a gorgeous creature :drool:
She is just perfect in very way, I adore her delicate face and mile-long skinny legs :D
I hope (although it's unlikely) that she makes a huge comeback because she is my ultimate thinspo, one of my favourites and I would love to see her around :)
Here's a recent shot from a runway show in Tokyo (Royal Chie F/W 12/13)

Still looks incredibly thin to me, but maybe she's gained a little? A bmi of 13 is not only very unhealthy, but also would mean you wouldn't be able to keep up with the model lifestyle very easily.
I love her face: it is really delicate like a fairy, but works in intense, dramatic looks too. Everyone loves her legs ( DUHH ;) ) but her collarbone and shoulders are also fantabulous! :luv: :luv: :luv: