Inna Pilipenko



I love this girl. She isn't really doing anything big atm but she has some of the longest and skinniest legs in the business!




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She's so pretty. I read your post and looked
up a few more pictures - these aren't as glamorous,
but really charming, I thought. She's so very thin...

Oh my gosh, look at these tiny legs :luv: Very pretty girl :luv: I wonder how much she weighs?:hmm:
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I've been a fan of Inna Pillipenko since I started comming on Skinny Gurl's blog!
I LOVE THIS GIRL! She is so amazing :luv: Her legs, her pretty face, I just love everything on her !






Agencies: Next Model Mgmt Los Angeles, IQ Models Moscow
Comes from: Moscow, Russia
Born in: 1991
Height: 5'11
Measurements: 34-24-34
Shoe: 9
Hair color: dark blonde
Eye color: blue
Omg I found this pic and she is stunning. Her legs, her face . Everything on her is not from this planet! :bow:

From her twitter it says she is modeling in asia!

edit: well, i assume thats why she's in asia :S
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In real life, she would look disgusting, this is the truth:(

You can't be skinny and healthy in the same time if you look like her.

She is a little bit to extreme, I think.

This is just my opinion:)

You got slapped for this post because you were extremely rude and insulting.

It is not your place to judge Inna, you don't know her and you don't know anything about her eating habits. So you have no right to call her unhealthy.

Calling a beautiful woman disgusting because she's skinny only shows that you are jealous. Get over it. :rolleyes:
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