Giuliana Rancic


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Jan 26, 2012
She is the E! News Reporter. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with her but she is very fit & I wanted to share her treadmill work-out plan & her meal plan.

She talks about how treadmill helps her get in shape and how she prefers sprints ( similar to HIIT) over running for fat loss. She has some great tips.

and girls its okay, disregard the title "Giuliana Rancic Anorexic Workout Plan". We've already established that in today's mainstream, people like to emulate to look like the Kardashians and Jillian Michael :meh:




What do you think of her?
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THANK YOU for the links. They are so detailed. I just wonder where the info came from? because it seems like it is from her point of view but there isn't a source or anything.

If this is her true lifestyle, I am impressed. She seems on top of everything and so organized. People are so ignorant when it comes to healthy eating and skinnies. "Scary Skinny Giuliana" as the article title? Really? She is just naturally thin and has such great willpower to be healthy and fit instead of stuffing her face with muffins. She seems to eat often and when she does it is healthy, clean, organic. I am just in love with this thread :kiss:

I think she is so gorgeous and I love her style.

(Sorry that I sound like a stalker in this post)
I really love her personality and look. I use to watch her show.
The only thing that made me think twice about her, is that in the show her doctor told her to gain 10-15 pounds so that she could get pregnant and she couldnt do it. She didnt want to gain the weight and they werent able to conceive a baby, even with fertility treatments. I wondered if maybe, she had issues with her weight or skinniness. I mean, she wanted to get pregnant but refused to gain the weight in order to do so. I just thought, its temporary so you can have the child you want, then you can lose it...:(


She was always pretty thin but she just went to become reeeeally toned & skinny about a couple of years ago
She's been really public about her breast cancer & that she's wanted to have children for ages & even gained over 5 pounds to help her chances - since then haters keep trashing her for being so thin 'she can't even have babies' (sample of which is in the posts you linked)
But wow, she eats really healthy. Hats off.
People are so jealous!
She eats perfectly healthy and it obviously works for her.
But according to the comments there, you have to stuff your face with fat and carbs, or else you're anorexic.
I like her figure but not her face. I think she would look better as a brunette. Blonde doesn't work for her.
However I really can't see anything bad in her diet. She seems to have a healthi diet.
Her daily meal plan sounds so sensible and is incredibly detailed. I like the kashi bar idea as well, and how she's open about the effort and care she puts into maintaining her body (I'm not a fan of "oh, I eat whatever I want, I guess I just have skinny genes". I wonder what she wrote it out for.
I gotta say - though she is nice and slim - she doesn't really do anything for me. I find her whole look quite boring.
Obviously her body looks amazing but there's something in her face that I don't like that much. But her meal & workout plan is perfect, she's really healthy.

And I've seen those posts, I like SkinnyLand but I agree that the titles are often very provocative :/ The norm seems to be Kardashian then comes the skinnies, the super skinnies and scary skinnies. And that's kind of confusing since the name of the site is SkinnyLand, lol.
She's not very attractive to me. I wish she'd dye her hair a more natural color and stop with that orange fake tan she's so crazy about.
I like her from the neck down, but I don't think her head fits her body/frame. I think she's kind of a bobble head and her face is a little gaunt or something. When I just look at her from the neck down she's thinspirational, but something about her face makes me feel like she's too thin.
Is she a natural blonde? I think she would look better with darker hair and in some pics it also seems like she used a little bit too much fake tan. I prefer a more natural look.
I like her from the neck down, but I don't think her head fits her body/frame. I think she's kind of a bobble head and her face is a little gaunt or something. When I just look at her from the neck down she's thinspirational, but something about her face makes me feel like she's too thin.

IA totally. Your head isn't supposed to be bigger than your body!
I actually really like her. But yeah she looks too skinny to me. And it's not that I don't like the look of someone really skinny, I just feel like it doesn't suit her. I don't know she looks ethnic and like she should have a lil more meat on her bones. Sad thing is in my genetics class I learned that having a child and breastfeeding reduces chances of breast cancer tremendously. I wish she could have gained some weight and gotten pregnant. If not hereditary maybe this wouldn't have happened. :(
I really like Guiliana but something smells fishy. I know she really wants to get pregnant and her excuse was something along the lines of Victoria Beckham is skinny and had 4 children. But if you look at her, she looks unnaturally skinny and I don't think her body will allow her to get pregnant (I'm only judging by her looks) unless she adds a few more pounds. I don't know whether she has some medical issues or whether there is another reason as to why she can't get pregnant. This is just my opinion on how she looks. Whilst I do like her body and I do like her as a person she has to understand not everyone can get pregnant looking like Victoria Beckham. But who knows it may be just that she can't get pregnant is nothing to do with her weight. And I do still like her and hope she comes out on top of the whole cancer and I do want her to get pregnant :)
I think she is lovely and i admire her dedication to her eating plan. :)