Emma Roberts



I fall in love with this Girl, after I so how skinny she became :luv:


I think she is 5'3" - 5'3.5". She has always been really tiny. In the past I thought that she was an apple, since her legs often seem so tiny while her shoulders seem slightly wider, but I've come to realise that maybe she is just skinny all over. One of her older works, Wild Child, has a scene when all the girls were in dresses and the camera looms up from their legs on to their faces. The other actresses were not fat to begin with, but hers were the thinnest thinnest thinnest.

Needless to say, I adore her too!
She's said to be 5'6, and around 110lbs. I don't know why, I find her a bit annoying.. Not the prettiest face either. What do you think of her, and would you consider her skinny??





Hah, her legs don't seem as skinny when she's barefoot :sneaky:
She looks to be about the same size as me, though obviously shrunk a little ;) thin, but not skinny. And I'm not a huge fan of her either, not sure why... Probably because I don't think I could even name a movie I've recently seen with her in it.
What turns me off about her is she's a coattail star and she's not afraid to own that title. Julia Roberts' relative does not a famous person make in my opinion.

I do NOT like her legs...in any picture.
She used to have an eating disorder ( well I read it few times, so I guess it's right, cause she lost a lot of weight since she started in this buisness )
Not a fan either and her legs aren't skinny, more like slim, but they look skinny cause she is always wearing those high heals ( 5-6 inch :nervous: ) exactly like Taylor Momsen and that is why their legs are looking skinnier than they actually are :hmm:
She is thin I think, but not very thin. Her legs in highheels look a bit like mine when I wear moderate heels only that I am much taller than her. So she is definately not really skinny when it comes to the legs though her upper body is muuuch better than mine *laughs* I think she looks good for her height anyway.
I don't think I could even name a movie I've recently seen with her in it.
I don't mind her as an actress, she's been in some ok films recently-- Scream 4, It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Art of Getting By.

I do think that she dresses like an idiot, though. That second picture from the first post; the heels look incredibly dumb with that outfit... just all together too large for her.
I dislike her for two reasons. One, I think she's a god-awful actress who only got into the business because of who she is related to, and has done little to improve herself since then. Two, I used to love reading Nancy Drew (not the best choice of literature I'll admit, but I was a kid ;)) and THAT MOVIE (+ her portrayal of the character) really crapped all over Nancy Drew.

But be that as it may, I actually think she is a good thinspo, I find her to be skinny :)
She looks considerably thin here

excuse the picture of Megan Fox, they're wearing the same jeans.
I totally agree with the annoying thing there is just something about her face and her acting that annoys me! She only got into the business because she is related to Julia Roberts. She is just another teen star with no talent