1. Irina Kravchenko

    Irina Kravchenko

  2. Irina Kravchenko

    Irina Kravchenko

    Marni S/S 2013. Irina deserves much more recognition.
  3. Vika Falileeva

    Vika Falileeva

    Valentino SS2012
  4. Kaia Gerber

    Kaia Gerber

    Casamigos Halloween Party in Los Angeles on October 27
  5. smallthing

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    Hi ladies! Feel free to chastise me if this thread has been made, but Nordstrom is currently having their anniversary sale and some of their clothes are much more accessible to people of limited means like myself! So I thought we could all post pictures of some of the items we really like...
  6. bisou

    Model Snapchats

    I LOVE following models on Snapchat. It's great thinspo to see little tidbits of their bodies, diets and routines throughout the day. Consistently viewing brief and up-to-date videos of models generally being beautiful and skinny and perfect is incredibly motivating. I also love seeing cool...
  7. A

    Emma Roberts

    I fall in love with this Girl, after I so how skinny she became :luv: