Elle Ribera



I love love love her skinny body.
She is a pretty tiny fairy, so delicate and fragile.
I noticed her in Lookbook and I fell in love with her body whereas I don't like very much her style and face :meh:

She is 5'6'' and 87 lbs. Her BMI is 14.0 :luv:
In her blog she said although she is naturally skinny she uses to eat very very very little. :wtf:

Anyway... such a great thinspiration!


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Some more pictures:luv:


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I'm not a fan of the pink/purple hair, but I want those hotpants with the stars and stripes!!
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I like her legs, but why doesn't she ever look up?
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perfect example that being skinny doesn´t equal "being pretty"... confident enough to say that most of us can be both..LOL @NoOne
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Not a fan of her face nor the way she dresses, but nice body obvs.
Her stats apparently from MM. Take with a grain of salt.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 88 lbs
Bust: 29"
Waist: 23"
Hips: 30"
Cup: A
Dress: 0
Shoe: 6.5
I'm not a fan of the pink/purple hair, but I want those hotpants with the stars and stripes!!

I will be on the look out for those shorts now, it reminds me of why I wanted to be skinny I love how the clothes look on her!

Woah, when I read 87lbs I expected to be horrified... but she's either lying about her weight or can carry off a BMI of 14 EXTREMELY WELL. I was preparing for bones everywhere but she looks very well proportioned :) loving the shorts and knee-highs! Do want xD
Agree. If she was 87/88lbs, means BMI 14.0, she would be as skinny or skinnier as models like Snejana Onopka and Olga Sherer. I'm either blind or she is NOT. But maybe she is and phoshops herself heavier. :hmm: What do you think, girls? ;)

Anyways: Nice BMI 16 body. :grin: