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  1. I'm surprised that no one has done a thread on her. I was just watching her live show in Vegas "Beyonce.... I Am Yours"





    So what do you guys think?!?!?! I mean, she just had a baby, so be gentle.
  2. Katrine

    Katrine Worker Bee

    Jan 23, 2012
    Her body is not good.. not at all :run:
  3. Millan

    Millan Guest

    I wish she would fire her mother and get a new stylist. Her legs are huge. She needs to be accuntuating her better features, yet she is always highlighting her legs :confused:








    Edited to say: I have no idea why these are so small, it wont let me resize.
  4. leila

    leila Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    for my taste she is too chunky. also, I believe she did a vogue interview where she said that 'real women have curves' or something (I didn't buy it just saw her on the cover and that quote) so yeah she is pretty much not in my good books :meh:
  5. AmorFlaco

    AmorFlaco Guest

    Remember that one takedown we had (actually, many) in which we criticized obese women who called themselves "curvy"? Well, this is what Beyonce is. I'm not saying I want to be like her. It's just that it's a known fact; Beyonce's curvy. Let's face it - she's obviously very healthy and has definition to her legs. I'd even say they look very nice, not that I would want mine that thick. But overall, she looks very pretty.
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  6. Scarlet

    Scarlet Guest

    Exactly. The term "curvy" is so overused today, but her body actually fits the description.
    I wouldn´t want to look like her, but she has a flat tomach and looks toned and fit, so I would never call a woman like her fat or anything.
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  7. fit4life

    fit4life Rookie

    May 22, 2012
    agree 100% :)
    I love her songs too
    she is a power woman
  8. SatelliteEyes

    SatelliteEyes Worker Bee

    Feb 21, 2012
    I get the feeling that she actually quite likes her legs -- Hence why she highlights them.

    I'm obviously not a personal fan of her body, but I do have to say that whenever I've seen her in some performance costume or something, she at least seems toned. Contrast her body to someone like Christina Aguilera (before she got massive) or Miley Cyrus at her chunkiest (and, coincidentally, when she did the most concerts it seems) when she squeezed into horrid performance outfits... :superpuke:
  9. ElleBelle

    ElleBelle Guest

    She's a good definition of curvy IMO. I agree about her legs though, they're way too chunky for my tastes :run:

    Having said this I saw her in real life once, just on holidays in France, walking around minding her own business. She is way smaller looking in person. And incredibly beautiful, her skin was flawless :bow:
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  10. Xsmall

    Xsmall Super Star

    Apr 22, 2012
    I like beyonce, but she is the queen of the "real women have curves" bullshit...
  11. Hannahbanana

    Hannahbanana Guest

    Beyonce is the one exception! She is sexy as hell and she owns her curves, if she wasnt curvy she wouldn't be the same. Beyonce is gorgeous and her bone structure is killer without being particularly skinny + she is so lucky for that! :bow:
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  12. Lolo

    Lolo Rookie

    Feb 8, 2012

    She punts the 'real woman have curves' thing pretty badly, to a point where she almost seems cocky/degrading to anyone without curves about it, IMHO. But then I've thought she's full of herself for years now, and unlike the rest of the world I don't like her at all. She may be sweet, but sometimes it seems like a show, and the whole Sasha Fierce thing just seemed to me like a way for her to go even more over the top with her ego and skanky dressing.

    But what do I know, I'm probably just full of shit :lol:
  13. Babybutsi

    Babybutsi Guest

    Completely agree. I would not be able to pull off those measurements, but she can. She's known for her figure and I'd be livid if she tried to lose a single pound! (That is under the assumption that she is considered to be at a medically sound weight. I honestly have no clue either way)

    Rare form..
  14. DiamondDog

    DiamondDog Guest

    I like the fact that she stays consistent and is definitely confident. I wouldn't want her body shape personally, but it's obvious that she takes care of herself and works to keep her body in the shape that it's in which is commendable.
  15. peruviangirl

    peruviangirl Banned

    Apr 6, 2012
    She's never been a skinny or thin girl.

    Anyway, this is a new pic of her in daisy dukes ( Feb 8, '13):

  16. Moon

    Moon Rookie

    Sep 28, 2012
  17. Liz

    Liz Rising Star

    Feb 6, 2013

  18. flou

    flou Guest

    Having a kid has reaally taken it out of her. She prances around in these skimpy outfits and then gets upset when some bad photos leak? Personally, I think she's past it - she just doesn't have the physique any more!
  19. classichic

    classichic Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    When did she have the physique?

    I think she's wayyy too overrated. Also, I want her to stop dying her hair blonde.
  20. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    What do you mean overrated!?!?!?!! She's the hottest woman of the 21st century! !!!!!!!!11111


    p.s. did I mention I have no faith in humanity?

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