Anja Rubik

omg :cry:

Vogue Germany March 2014
photographer: Mario Testino
stylist: Sarah-Jane Hoare






She is such an underrated skinny ! While others struggle with gaining and losing, she seems to have no problems to keep her body intact ! :bow:
Sorry, but I have never liked her. These new pics... :nervous:
Ugly hair colour, haggard face, in my opinion she looks a lot more than 30. Her legs are nice, though. Not her knee.



I've often thought she looks more on the side of haggard too.. her face holds less fat than others at that weight I guess, it seems quite harsh sometimes, especially with that long jaw & chin. Perhaps that's another reason why some soften up just slightly as they get older, to compensate for the normal loss of fat from their faces. The extreme skinniness plus normal ageing just becomes too harsh, and combines to make them look even older than they truly are.
Did anyone see the hate she got on Gucci's instagram picture..ugh I hate the mainstream
It's this one
She is one of my favorites. So fucking fierce.
It's strange how one's taste changes so much. Especially considering you don't have any type of contact with the person so other aspects like personality don't interfere with judgement. I used to think she looked too manly. And now I consider her one of the most amazing beauties.
I liked her also before, but after the black and whit nudes I love her. I have to admit that is also partly because I saw only from these photos that I have similar body to hers (some pounds more) and so I have a materialized goal body now (it it makes any sense :)