Alexis Bledel



I think she's absolutely gorgeous! The way she rocks her blue eyes, cute face and manages to look like a dainty seventeen year old while being in her thirties is just awesome. She's also one of my greatest thinspirations, although she's more slim than skinny. What do you think?

Oh, I just love her blue eyes!

I have to agree, she is more slim than skinny. Particularly, her lower half is a bit fuller if I remember correctly. She's a classic pear.
She always used to remind me a lot of a Canadian model named Lisa Cant.

Is this a recent picture? Wow, she still looks the same. She's beautiful!
Oh damn she's in her 30s??????
She'll always look like 'sisterhood of the travelling pants'-esque to me

She's just so pretty. You don't look at her and think exotic or beautiful or hot, but truly feminine and pretty, and I love it :) I can't believe she's in her 30s!!
I like how she always looks fresh and natural. It's nice to see a starlet that doesn't look she applied makeup with a sponge.
I love her so much it's not healthy :confused:
So pretty.


in Mad Men



Her eyes are striking! She is so lucky to look like that in her 30s, a lot of women would kill to look that young!

She has a nice, slim figure. Not too skinny! Definitely healthy.
10 years ago I would´ve thought the same about her age and look, hehe. But now I just hope I will keep my face for another 5 years and hopefully even a bit more. And she did a great job. Her skin looks so flawless plus she has this kind of girly face that maybe will still look young when she´s in her 40s :)

I also always thought that she is very, very pretty in a classic and fragile way, her eyes make her look like a doll in some pictures.
I adored her in Gilmore Girls, I think she is such a classic pretty.
I'm watching Gilmore girls as I type hehe.

She's stunning. I always wanted her hair in season 7
She turns 31 in! Wonder what her beauty secrets are or if she's just blessed with amazingly great genes.

Recent pictures (from April '12). She's almost 31 and she positively disproves physics laws.