What kind of clothes do you wear to show off your skinniness?



I have recently gotten into cold shoulder tops. Even if I'm having a fat day, cold shoulder tops make me feel skinny. I usually wear dark colors so a black cold shoulder sweater allows me to feel skinny without being self conscious about being bloated. I LOVE the look of delicate shoulders!



I'm nowhere near skinny yet, but I do have awesome collar bones. So I try do show them off, makes me look skinnier (magic tricks :( ). And also I like wearing short loose dresses with sleeves, that way I can show my legs and hide the top half.

Sry that I answered the question "how do you make yourself look skinnier than you are?" instead of the original one :D Atm a little out of my league.soon soon
My boobs are quite big, so i usually cover them up. However, my legs are pretty skinny, so wearing skinny jeans, tights, skorts, skirts, and heels, is a good way for me to show people that i am not all fat!
My black mini-dress with white polka dots. It´s sexy, but still classy and not too revealing, like almost every 60ies-inspired clothing. Love it!
Other than that, I love anything that looks a little model street style like, so skinny jeans or hotpants, edgy shirt and boots it is.
I always wear somthing that shows off my waist like a tube skirt, or a waist skirt. i also love showing of my stomach/ waist since it's the nicest aspect of my body (in my eyes) so a loose belly shirt and shorts. with me it's either tight dresses, or loose shirts and shorts that reveals my stomach.
Wrap or sheath dresses. Wrap dresses like DVF style. It shows off my waist and collar bones. Sheath dresses show off my waist and hips. Both are relatively conservative looking so it doesn't appear like I am trying too hard.
when im skinny ill probably wear:

-boatneck tops to show off the collarbones
-skinny jeans to display the thigh gap
-tee shirts to show off delicate arms
-open back tops so the shoulder blades can be seen
Black clothes which are tight, I like skinny jeans and those bodycon dresses made out of jersey fabric.

If you have nice collarbones and shoulders then strappy tops are always good.

Heels always help to show off and help emphasize skinniness.

In the winter when its coat whether (but also in summer in England haha) belted trench coats nip you in at the waist.
Anything that shows my long neck and collar bones, I like strapless or one shoulder stuff, probably with my hair up.
low rise jeans and short t's to show my middle. short shorts to see my thighs.
Boatneck slinky dresses, preferably black :luv:
Tube tops & dresses, 7/8 pants - I always roll up my jeans to show off my ankles - flowy tops ...
Actually, nevermind. Everything looks good on skinny :sneaky:
I really do like my waist since it is tiny unless I ate :( anyways I like to wear tight shirts. I'm trying to get to under 100 pounds and once I get there, I'm gonna go on a shopping spree on ModCloth, they have vintage dresses and they are so cute! My legs will hopefully be very tiny by then to show them off in cute dresses! :)
*Swoon* When I get there I will be donning empire waist dresses and skinny jeans - off the top of my head :)

And of course the obligatory crop tops, shorts, skirts and bikini - with pride, but grace and style of course, not over skankiness ;)
I like to wear skinny capri leggings to the gym--makes me work harder and always hold in my tummy! I wear girls (child) sizes in pants and leggings and sometimes get them with Mickey or Hello Kitty prints. Makes me feel like a little girl again and I think makes my workouts fun.
Tight strapless shirt (if it stays up). Camisoles and skinnys are my favorite. Or booty shorts ;D
I love collar bones. I can't wait until mine are better. *heavy sigh* @RedGlitter has the BEST collar bones. Her avatar is my thinspo...

Anyway, for me it is not all about WHAT I wear, but the fabric I can get away with now. When you are fat, you can really only look presentable in jeans, cotton, etc.

But when you are skinny, and you can put on a little dress or those drapy shirts that the models wear (see thread about models in street clothes). Those fabrics show every wrinkle of fat. But when you are skinny, they look and feel FABULOUS.
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when im skinny ill probably wear:

-boatneck tops to show off the collarbones
-skinny jeans to display the thigh gap
-tee shirts to show off delicate arms
-open back tops so the shoulder blades can be seen

I love shoulder blades. :luv: