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Jan 9, 2012
New-ish face @ Silent

16 years old




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Oh wow she's beautiful. I love her eyes and her gorgeous long hair. Actually I love her whole face, my new girl crush :grin:. Thanks AB :luv:.
She's really pretty, but I'm not overly amazed or anything. She's got really goos facial features though, I like her lips.
Wow she's gorgeous. Big future ahead of her! Look at that tiny waist
She's got a nice look, and great numbers, but not much emotional range... not a great model from what I've seen. I saw her on the runway a couple of times recently and wasn't impressed. Seems like Silent doesn't have a lot of great new faces lately.
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shes pretty in a very generic kind of way. im not blown away by her as a model, but maybe cos shes so young.
22! Eeeeh that waist! Those hipbones!

But ... her thighs look a little thick to me. She appears to be very pear-shaped.

(And we have almost identical stats.. I'm 172 cm, 30-23-32.5)
I think she is gorgeous in a Victoria's secret kind of way...does that make sense? I don't really see her as much for higher fashion....but still, she is gorgeous:luv:
Isn't she a little short for a model ? I mean she is 173 cm :confused:
I really like her face, but I agree on what some of the other girls said: Not blown away either.
My gosh is she gorgeous but... I don't know why, she seems a little generic to me. Like, one of those models whose name I won't remember but whose face I will and later I'll see again and think "Oh her... What was her name???". Not really memorable or absolutely stunning, at least to me.