Valeria Sokolova

Love her hair and her body, but she pouts in like 90% of her pictures! So needless to say I find her pictures quite boring.

Although those pictures of her looking more natural at the beach I do like. She's not posing and she's not pouting. :)
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I've seen pictures of her around before and always envied how lean she looks!
Definitely great thinspo! :grin:
Wow! I LOVE! Never heard of her before, definately my new thinspo! You rarely see models with such long hair. My hair is really long too. I wish she would smile more. I want to see her range. She is really pretty and has a great skinny but also toned body. Looking at those pics make me want to feel the sun. Lol.:grin:
God.. I would kill to look like that. Seriously.
She is so skinny but she looks very healthy though?
Not fond of her pout either

But she definitely has a wonderful body
I can't believe she's 25
Any clue on whether the rumors about her nose & lip work is true?
And darn it she has such awesome hair. I was looking forward to cutting mine soon, but she's sent me back a few steps gaaah
she is the perfect example of skinny-curvy! I LOVE her upper body, especially her back.
Such a stunner. I think she's quite famous as a socialite now, as she didn't quite make it in HF etc. What do you guys think? Body-wise she reaches goddess status in my eyes :kiss:

I mean..



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