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Hi everyone! This is actually my first post, so I am kind of excited haha :)

I ran across this Ukrainian "model" Valeria Lukyanova, I am not sure if she is doing anything special, but she became famous here in Eastern Europe because she supposedly, after a series of surgeries, achieved the proportions of a Barbie doll, and was dubbed the living Barbie. She is 1,70 cm. tall, 42 kg, and in an article they said her measurements are 88-50-88.

So what do you think, do you like her or it's kind of freaky with all the fakeness?


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Girls like this aren't models. They are bleached blonde bimbo circus freaks.
Hmmmmm I think she looks terribly photo shopped!!!!

Famous for being out of her mond for that many surgeries ok I can see that but famous because a surgically engineered body and being look up upon for it... Not in my book.
She is like the Heidi Montage of the US!
and she would fit right in with the playboy girls...

Well... I never did like barbie dolls... :rolleyes:
Listeners who envy her looks wonder what she eats to be so slim. The answer is, next to nothing.

I love all living things, so I do not eat the meat. I eat only fruits and my ultimate goal is to be powered by solar energy, that is a complete rejection of food,” the Barbie beauty explained.

But those ready to join Valeria in her “food nihilism” should do so step by step, the starlet suggests.

“You need to get there gradually.”
Ugh, photoshopped to living hell, and has apparently claimed to naturally look like that *mega face palm of doom*

Not impressed. And if she eats as little as she claims she does, honestly I'd expect her to be thinner than she is.:wtf:

If I cut out everything but fruits, I'd probably be even too skinny for the tastes of people on this site, which is saying something lmao