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Discussion in 'Online' started by Apple, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    I really don't understand the whole Taralynn craze. A friend of mine sent me an email recommending I take a look at her tumblr to get healthy meal ideas a couple months ago. I was excited to see how much she had posted and to hear that she was doing a challenge with Seventeen magazine. But then I actually looked at her recipes. They are gross. They are full of "sugar free" sugar products like jello, syrup, margarine, sprinkles, marshmallows...and that is just the breakfast section! A frozen waffle with a melted marshmallow on top with sprinkles for breakfast? That is supposed to be a "better breakfast"? She has a breakfast recipe that is a "Speedy Strawberry Cake" but is really a cupcake with white cake mix and strawberry cake mix! She says not to use iceberg lettuce, but most of her salads are made with iceberg lettuce you can see this from the pictures. All of her sections contain gross products and recipes and misinformation like this. It just disgusts me that she can tell people this is "healthy" and seventeen is also saying it is healthy. Now young girls who don't know much about nutrition will think if they eat this chemical filled sugar free sugar crap they will lose weight and be healthy.

    Sorry for my rant, but it seems so wrong to me.

    What do you guys think? I know some of you guys like her websites and I am not trying to offend any of you or even Taralynn!

    her tumblr is http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/ for those of you who are unfamiliar with her.
  2. Olivia

    Olivia Guest

    Oh my god I have looked her at her blog to and her recipes always look super gross!! She puts sugar free jello in almost everything and everything she makes usually looks like a pile of sick! There is some good recipes on there and some of her tips are helpful but the majority of her food is processed rubbish!
  3. Bracken

    Bracken Guest

    Dont they know all of those chemicals give you cancer??? Not healthy at all.
  4. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Guest

    Short and honest? I hate her.
  5. Samira

    Samira Guest

    It's like Hungry Girl, too much processed crap and not enough nutrition. Why be skinny and ill?
  6. SkinnyB

    SkinnyB Guest

    There are a few good ideas, but most of the stuff is junk or good food with junk on top. Not my type of blog anyways... I like being inspired not being tempted with junks...
  7. Katrine

    Katrine Worker Bee

    Jan 23, 2012
    I agree, but there's also a few good recipes and some nice tips + I think that it is incredibly motivating that she lost so much weight! (take a look at the before & after photos!)
  8. pattymatty

    pattymatty Guest

    I have looked at Taralynn's tumblr page, and I do not agree with her. I think that she is misinformed with some of her recipes. Not healthy at all. I think she is just blessed to have a very pretty face. She reminds me of Selena Gomez. Those artificial sweeteners and other cancer-inducing ingredients she use do not help at all in the long run. I saw her recent pictures and she looks like she is gaining weight again. Well, kudos to her for losing so much weight, but I think she'll gain it all back in the near future.
  9. Olivia

    Olivia Guest

    Its weird she does look a bit like Selena Gomez but to me she also looks a bit like Kristen Stewart which makes me dislike her more
  10. silhouette

    silhouette Guest

    On top of everything horrible in the blog, that girl needs to learn about proper spelling and grammar.
  11. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    she did lose weight, thats great. but calling it a "healthy" way of losing weight and seventeen saying she lost "50 pounds the healthy way" is bogus. some of her tips are ok, but those are the ones that are universal to every weight loss site like "drink more water" and "workout". the tips and ideas that are unique to her blog that are her original ideas are crap.
  12. ZeroDiet

    ZeroDiet SkinnyGossip Royal

    Jan 22, 2012
    Everything she eats is "sugar free" or "fat free" - gross! The amount of aspartame she eats...........
  13. Samira

    Samira Guest

    This! I mean, I think *I* lost weight the healthy way - giving up everything artificial! No Splenda/diet coke/blah blah blah for me!
  14. Peppertea3

    Peppertea3 Guest

    So true! I agree about the Kristen Stewart resemblance. Something about Taralynn's face rubs me the wrong way. It's pretty, in a symmetrical sense, but somehow she looks retarded and duplicitous.

    Just my personal opinion though. Some people think Candice Swanepoel's face looks bitchy/mean and I can't see that.
  15. Peppertea3

    Peppertea3 Guest

    I'm just browsing through her tumbl right now (didn't know it before), it's very colorful. :rolleyes:

    Some foods look original and nice while others look just pukeworthy (banana hotdog, wtf?).

    Still, interesting link, so thanks.
  16. flora

    flora Rookie

    Jan 27, 2012
    My first thought was "why is she relevant?" but I am not interested enough to google her. Meh. Her recipes seem like nothing special and she sounds annoying. I do see both the K. Stewart and S. Gomez resemblance but only because you guys pointed it out.
  17. Scarlet

    Scarlet Guest

    I don´t know her and her weird diet. But I wouldn´t know what to do without artificial sweeteners or products that contain them.
    One of the reasons I´m not a fatass anymore is that I changed from Coke to Diet Coke (and any other soft drink)
    There is also a science study that proves that sweeteners aren´t even THAT bad- You need to intake about 30 gr of aspartam or something else per day-who does that?- to raise your risk of cancer.

    If anyone has other studies or articles, that prove me wrong, it´s OK, please tell me. I´m really interested and I´m not going to bitch react if someone tells me that I´m wrong.
    But to me, that chemical stuff made my life whole lot easier.
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  18. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    I would take a look at her site. She isn't talking about drinking a diet coke. She adds sugar free jello and sugar free syrup to EVERYTHING. A lot of us eat some processed foods throughout the day. But this is just ridiculous. I think if you were more familiar with her site it would make more sense. What you seem to be doing as far as you shared is pretty standard.
  19. kkgirl

    kkgirl Guest

    She has a watermelon jello make and she said "the whole watermelon is 40 calories." It made me laugh. Why don't you just eat a real watermelon? Its low in calories, delicious, and doesn't contain any of the chemicals found in sugar free jello. Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium damages your liver, causes cancer, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, methanol toxicity, blindness, spasms, shooting pains, seizures, headaches, depression, anxiety, memory loss, birth defects and death. She needs to stop eating sugar free jello.
    And its also completely idiotic that her blog has its own apparel. She needs to get over herself.
  20. KeKo

    KeKo Guest

    :lol: Kristen Stewart.

    (I know, intelligent comment)

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