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I've been really interested in finding clothes that suit my more boyish style. I do like to be Gorky sometimes, but for the most part I'm pretty boyish and it suits me well because I considered myself adrogogynous. But I was wondering if anyone here dresses boyish or similar to a boyish style or is even influenced by menswear.

Some pictures below of my favorites styles rocked by skinnies:






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I love it but I believe you have to be super super skinny to pull it off and look cool and be comfortable.

My favorite tomboy-style has got to be Freja's. She is so amazing and her style is simple and cool. Plus she almost always wears black as I do so I can relate







God I just love her :luv:
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I almost always wear a collared shirt and jumper with skinny jeans and sometimes a tie. I wear some men's shirts and jumpers too and frequently riding-style boots. I do sometimes wear heels, though, but always quite plain in style. If I wear a skirt it is tight not flared, and almost always mini (except for a kilt-style mini skirt). I don't feel I look very feminine, (thin lips, no boobs, big feet etc) even though I am wide-hipped, so I don't generally wear feminine styles or fabrics. I feel silly in them.

Dressing this way isn't really deliberate, I have just never liked feminine on myself and found if I bought such garments they languished, unworn, before being purged from the wardrobe.

A lot of model street style appears boyish to me which I think is a reaction against the huge amount of time they spend being styled at work! Also it's comfortable, relatively warm and easy to put androgynous items together from a capsule wardrobe, significant when one is traveling a lot.
I go through phases of wanting to look super girly and feminine with flowy, pale dresses, and wanting to look chic and boyish with lots of greys and browns and blacks, but androgyny is my first love.
You definitely do have to be super skinny to pull it off, though. A lot of it is about minimizing more feminine traits (hips, boobs), so it's a lot easier to wear less layers and have the right aesthetic when you're thin, than when you're heavier and have to wear more to cover it up. Plus, baggy, masculine cut shirts look absolutely terrible if you have a larger chest. I think Freja has the look down beautifully. :bow: She makes it look so easy and natural.
Freja is amazing and I definitely agree that you do have to be super skinny to rock the look. I myself have never felt "feminine" in the sense (whenever I wore dresses I did so because of family suggestion) but I have also never been super skinny (just average) so it looks a bit awkward -__-

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Plus, baggy, masculine cut shirts look absolutely terrible if you have a larger chest.

Exactly! That is what I meant with looking/feeling comfortable. That type of clothes are not comfy at all when you have big boobs, stomach-fat and well general fat actually :lol: They become baggy or too tight.
I loooove this fashion but my body is so hyper-feminine (very wide hips and large butt) that I just look like some gross white-trash woman. my figure is not suited for mens/androgynous fashion hmm. one day.
Agyness Deyn always inspired me with her bold, rock, boyish style







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Alexa Chung has a tomboy style sometimes too






I am a feminine girl but when i'm inspired to dress like a tomboy, i directly inspire myself from a guy, like Matt Hitt for instance