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Hey everyone !

What do you think of Tara Stiles ? She's a professional yogi around NY, I think. She used to be an american apparel model.

Here is her youtube channel (so that you can admire her shape while doing yoga lol) --> http://www.youtube.com/tarastilesyoga

And her food blog (vegan, and SOOO inspiring tarastileseats.tumblr.com)

She wrote a book called "slim, calm and sexy" (that means everything, doesn't it ?) :bow:

She has a pretty face, amazing body, and is always smiling.

i feel like she's perfection. Ugh.


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I absolutely love Tara. Her attitude is so awe-inspiring and she has an amazing body. She always makes it seem that yoga is some type of magic that will transform the body into something extraordinaire & I always believe it. lol
Lovely attitude - so good to see a celeb who makes skinniness the true lifestyle it is, rather than lying and being all "ooh, I eat WHATEVER I WANT and I'm just naturally this way" to appeal to Miss Fat Average Woman :lol:
I must say I feel really near from that type of girl. She's like me, but better, you know.

I tried to eat a salat for breakfast for a couple weeks now (just like she does), and it made my feel so happy. Just a salad in the morning has changed my mood overall.

i didn't know what it was to "make a meal" before (I'm 17 and my mom cooks), but I now daydream about cooking. So satisfying and I'm sure it helps losing weight to make your own meal. You know exactly what's in it.
I looooove her too!her tumblr totally inspired me to go vegan a couple of months ago and I think she has a really good body too (I even feel like she's a little skinnier than during her modeling days....?). Plus she's always so laid back, cool and calm in her yoga videos-it makes yoga even more fun!Although I do have to say that her "slim,calm,sexy" yoga book is a total waste of money...love her nontheless :grin:
i think she is great. i love doing yoga at home and watching a video of a tall, skinny, calm GODDESS just motivates me even more.
I love Tara Stiles! She's everything I aspire to as a fellow instructor :) her videos are fantastic - she's so laid back but the quality of Yoga is still spot on.

I don't normally say this (love yourself n all) but I REALLY WISH I looked like her. I feel that my look lets me down in my career.
I honestly ADORE tara! She is everything I try to be- healthy and chemical-free with the help of a ton of YOGA. She inspires me to get back on track when my friends and family lead me off of it.
AW: Tara Stiles

I just discovered her videos on YouTube and I have to say I'm in love!
I once again fell off the wagon and have to get back.
She is so inspiring!
If you haven't watched her videos you should really give them a try!

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I like her cooking videos, even though I've never tried anything she makes. But I love watching them, and she has good ideas.
just discovered her website, searching for free yoga videos, and must say that I think she's very inspiring. Eating a lot of vegetables and healthy meals, and being proud of it.
I actually just discovered her recently couple days ago and I think she is so beautiful and super motivating.
I love how she talks about Yoga as some goddess, and good thing because I practice it and I feel like she is a lot like me.

Love her face structure too and she's so skinny and beautiful. :luv:
She is so beautiful and her laid back attitude is wonderfully refreshing. She is a great role model for me; I'm working towards her philosophy of a clean whole foods diet, moving (and loving!) your body, and embracing a calm, peaceful mindset. Just love love love her :)
I love her! I used to follow her videos a lot more...I need to get back into it! :oops: She's gorgeous and she just has such a positive and relaxed outlook on life and everything! I find her really inspiring and love how she cooks and eats. :)
I've practiced yoga since I was 7 or 8 and I love Tara Stiles' style...she's super laid back and although traditional yogis don't agree with her stye of yoga, I think its a breath of fresh air for someone to do yoga and acknowledge that it can be used for weight loss. Its great exercise, I do 1.5 hours a day and makes me feel soooo good! Tara is a gem! :luv:
In the past, her voice annoyed me, and that prevented me from getting anything out of her videos on LiveStrong Woman. HOWEVER, just saw a yoga video of her and read that she was a model, and :bow: <-- yeah, I love her now :luv: My yoga instructor at school actually gave me some handouts from a yoga book Tara did. I need to get on those poses this summer!
I love Tara. I have been practicing yoga for a few months, my first instructor had the wrong approach..then I discovered Tara. She is the real deal, not pretentious about it, you can tell she genuinely understands what she does. I love that she is very in touch with natural things, she is all I aspire to be. Not to mention how elegant and beautiful she is. I have adopted a diet very much like hers and I enjoy it a lot. I also agree with her approach to exercise...she says that many go wrong by doing intense workouts and thinking that entitles them to eat dense or unhealthy food (something I've done in the past:facepalm:) if you do yoga though, you only feel like eating a bit of salad or vegetable soup or at most a few nuts- and thats the best way to being skinny.