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Wow yikes indeed Women360 is one of the first agencies listed on the good agencies list. I think I completely sympathize with her horrible experience in Brazil with the presumed GQ shoot but I’m sorry I can’t sympathize the over dramatization of comments regarding her body. I mean you can’t truly complain about your body being critiqued when it’s quite literally your job to maintain a body that your agency can book you at. (As @proseccoprincess stated I think it was probably concerning her measurements and if model is complaining about her agency trying to get her to make measurements I mean just quit honestly) I think the portion of complaining about her YouTube being pushed and how shallow her agency was for trying to build her image of it is slightly ridiculous. I mean image/branding is everything nowadays why is she so upset her agency wanted to incorporate her experience with the UN with her image? I mean it’s a business at the end of the day I think she’s definitely being a bit whiny, over dramatic and slightly unrealistic about how cold and horrible her agency was. The unprofessionalism of her situation in Brazil I’ll stand by her for but for the rest ehhh tough it out or leave the industry!
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I think the original SMM list has been deleted, but if anyone has it saved could we start a new one here perhaps? I have a big name or two to add unfortunately... (unless they were already on the list)

I guess such a thing would make more sense in the VIP section because imo random guys with cameras shooting non-models just to see desperate women posing near-naked shouldn't count, but there are members here who wouldn't qualify for VIP status, but still shoot/interact with big photographers